Green Gang

Boom! Broke Protocol Hitting Steam!

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Since Broke Protocol first entered open Alpha, the game has been tested by over 150K players. From the flat-shaded Lego-style first iteration over a year ago with just a cops vs robbers base game. To the slick current version with added jobs, new city, vehicles, gangs, and apartments. But the end of Alpha testing is […]


New Electronics Hotfix Update v0.666

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On a roll now with 3 updates in 1 day! This latest update fixes your safehouse furniture and items sometimes being lost on logging out. It also adds a brand new Electronics Shop interior with dozens of new gadgets to add to your apartments. Download Electronics Update v0.666

Vehicle Danger

The Heavy Duty Update is Here – Humvees and Vans

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Another quick release incoming! Thanks for the support on Gamejolt for those who donated – It’s allowed me to work around the clock on these fixes and upgrades and I’ll find a way to show my respect to you guys later. So this latest update features some big bug and memory leak fixes due to […]

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain Hotfix Update Released

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Heavy Rain Hotfix Nah, it’s not an update for THAT Heavy Rain… but this update does add dynamic weather effects along with balance tweaks and bugfixes. Also, gang members start out with only some melee weapons now – it was getting crazy with the shotgun deathmatching on the servers. As always, please leave feedback on […]


Gangs & Territories – v0.65 is out!

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Back with another huge update to Broke Protocol – v0.65 featuring gangs, bosses, and territories that can be conquered. This update aims to expand gameplay and offer an outlet for those who want to do something productive with their trigger finger. You can gang up, do hits on enemy gangs, take their territory, and get […]


Greenlit! And Gang/Territories Update News

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Huge thanks to everyone who took part in our awesome Greenlight campaign. I’m happy to say that after an amazing turnout, we got Greenlit in the final batch after reaching the top of the Greenlight charts! It’s pushed me to work harder and harder on the game in order to make one of the most […]

Car Fire

Broke Protocol Enters Early Access!

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With over 250,000 downloads, millions of YouTube views, and over 10,000 ‘Yes’ votes on Steam Greenlight, Broke Protocol begins Early Access on GameJolt today. We’re lucky to be the first offical city life RPG built from the ground up on its own engine. The genre has taken off in a huge way due to mods […]


#1 Rank on Greenlight and Firefighter Update News

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Boom! So it’s been an exciting week for Broke Protocol. We’ve hit the #1 rank on the Greenlight charts and also, the new firefighter update is coming soon. This will come with new items, a fire truck, station interiors, and more. With this new job, players will be able to extinguish fires left by cars […]


Paramedics, Hospital, and Tasers are Here!

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So after tons of code reworking, modeling, animating, and networking fixes (broke protocol, get it?) I’m happy to present the biggest update yet. And the first thing you’ll want to do is check out the Hospital. Here you can use your startup money to sign up for the new paramedic career. You’ll get fitted with […]