v0.60 Preview – Restaurants, Hunger, Thirst, and Addiction

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Yep, that’s right. The next version will be a bigger feature update than the previous patches. Big enough to push the game version to 0.60! This version will include restaurants and player stats – everyone must eat, drink, and find sustenance to survive. Obviously, we’ll have a wide variety of foods and drinks to quench […]

Player Stats

Players Stats System Development

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I’m still amazed by the attention the game has been getting so I’ve been working hard on the next release. This will include a player stats system. Stats will include things like hunger, thirst, stamina, and other items in the future that players must manage. Restaurant interiors will be open to fill your stomach and […]


Game Development Roadmap is Here

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Thanks to all the testers and YouTubers that tried out Broke Protocol the past few weekends. And we’re just getting started. There are TONS of areas, activities, and features I want to add to the game. But I’m sure the community is anxious for a roadmap that details what will be added to game over […]

Damage Get Up

Work on Ragdolls and Advanced Damage Model

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I’m currently working to improve the combat and damage modeling in Broke Protocol. First of all, I want players/NPCs able to stumble and fall over after taking heavy damage. It should take into account the power of the hit, and the heath of the target. Falls and vehicle hits can also cause players to ragdoll […]


New Version 0.583! Buyable Cars and Many Fixes

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EDIT: The files have just been hotfixed to v0.583 (5:16AM 29-3-2017 UTC) Hi a new version is available! Drug Dealer, Buyable/Lockable Vehicles, and a bunch of bug fixes for this release. This is a required download to play online! DOWNLOAD HERE (HOTFIXED) Alpha 0.583 Changes and Fixes -Cars at the police station are for sale […]

Full Servers

Busy Day for Broke Protocol (Download Here)

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Hi everyone, not sure what happened but Broke Protocol just got a lot of attention overseas. The servers are actually filling up rather quickly and I’d really appreciate if players could download and run a server at home or a Windows VPN. Download Here Broke Protocol Alpha 0.58 Download You need to open inbound/outbound UDP […]

Homes Entrance

Ownable Apartments, Homes, and Garages

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I wanted to share the current concept of ownable homes in Broke Protocol. Again, this is in the early concept stages but the idea is that players would have their own homes, apartments, condos, and garages in the game. The home would be where players could save their assets, get rest, change their outfit, invite […]

Cylinder Studios Small

Collision and Fall Damage Physics

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So, I’m trying to fix the wonky physics and fall damage in Broke Protocol this weekend. Here’s some oldschool footage of (very serious) testing way back in the early alpha stages. Super Serious Physics Testing Also, there’s no offical testing planned this weekend. But if you do plan to head online, Message me on FB […]

Flashlight Lighting

Game Engine Upgrade and Refactoring

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So I’ve been upgrading and refactoring the game engine to the latest Unity 5.6 release! This should bring improvements and fixes to animation, lighting, and game performance. And now… working flashlights! Engine Upgrade Lighting Refactoring Also I’ve been cleaning up the code and refactoring which kind of feels like this: It’s painstaking work but in […]