The 4-20 Update is Released – Changelog and Download

Hi guys, I put a lot of work into this latest v0.60 release so I hope you didn’t mind the delay too much. The all new stats system, foods, drinks, restaurant interiors, and a whole bunch of fixes and upgrades is here. Here’s the changelog!

The V0.60 Changelog

-Hunger, thirst, energy, and addiction stats are tracked
-Sprinting will make you lose some stats quicker
-Slowly become addicted to drugs and alcohol if taken too quickly
-Some foods and drugs have side effects (weed makes hunger, alcohols and coffee can make thirsty)
-Coffee Shop and Burger Place now have interiors and staff
-Hundreds of additional food, drink, and shop items
-Improved HUD for stats info
-Improved entity highlighting shader
-Some NPCs will want to buy clothes, food, drugs, or weapons when you Trade with them
-Using ‘Hands Up!’ is now a crime (Intimidation) for non-police Players and NPCs
-Police get message on getting losing job (note only ‘serious’ crimes will have them lose the job)
-Police get rewarded for sending criminals to jail (about 1/2 the ticket fine)
-Improved server performance
-Tweaking Single-Player loading to be more reliable
-Tweaked crouch walking animation to sync better with ground
-Reduced armor effectiveness slightly
-More detailed messages about player health status
-Can now see money that shop owner have (for selling back stuff)
-Many small model/texture fixes and optimizations

Download Here

See you at the cafe 🙂