Roleplay as criminals, enforcers, or emergency responders in custom built open-world cities

Key Features

Open-World Gameplay

Roleplaying with hundreds of players and NPCs roaming the ever-growing open-world city. Hit contracts, arrest warrants, and Battle Royale gamemodes will keep you looking over your shoulder.

Roleplaying Freedom

Ever-expanding character customization and roleplay opportunities. Farm and sell on the black market, kidnap and rob others, and execute elaborate bank heists all in the name of money and power.

Massive Arsenal

Battle it out with everything from household items to black market firearms. Dozens of vehicles ranging from supercars to trucks and everything in-between, each with unique handling and physics.

Latest News

2021 Update – KillCams, Door Passcodes, AI Commands

The 2021 Update Official Launch Every year I’ll use one update to brush up the game with much requested features and fixes instead of big flashy additions. The 2021 Update brings very important technical updates including big optimizations, hit-reg fixes, mobile improvements, and more quality of life stuff. But there are also some juicy additions […]

Ground Attack

The AI Overhaul – Followers, Tactics, Air & Sea Combat

AI Overhaul Update Official Launch Another huge overhaul is coming out today on Steam and Android where AI is the main focus – but tons of other stuff added too. Command new vehicles in both sea and air where AI are finally worthy foes. Careful though, their land tactics have been updated too. I’ll give […]


The Hitman Update – Job Modding Support

Hitman Update Official Launch The biggest modding update since 1.0 is releasing on Steam and Google Play today – The Hitman Update brings a whole new job and bounty system to BP as well as more ways to mod custom content and gameplay. Whether you’re a player, modder, or admin, there’s a lot fun stuff […]

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