Roleplay as criminals, vigilantes, or emergency responders in an open-world multiplayer city RPG.

Key Features

Open-World Gameplay

Roleplaying with hundreds of players and NPCs roaming the ever-growing open-world city. Hit contracts, arrest warrants, and Battle Royale gamemodes will keep you looking over your shoulder.

Roleplaying Freedom

Ever-expanding character customization and roleplay opportunities. Farm and sell on the black market, kidnap and rob others, and execute elaborate bank heists all in the name of money and power.

Massive Arsenal

Battle it out with everything from household items to black market firearms. Dozens of vehicles ranging from supercars to trucks and everything in-between, each with unique handling and physics.

Latest News

Apps Update

The Apps Update – Useful Smartphones and Electronics

Apps Update Official Launch A major update is dropping today that completely changes the way electronics are used in Broke Protocol. Phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and more now have super useful Apps installed. Banking, messaging, and private calls are some of the first available Applications with more coming soon. Keep Your Friends Close Players can […]


The 2020 Update – Engine Upgrade, Processors, Fixes

2020 Update Official Launch The latest 1.07a Update brings Broke Protocol and various libraries to the latest 2020 versions. Players will see performance improvements, new graphics shaders, and various fixes, especially around input handling. Health Regen When a player’s stats are topped up, their health would auto-regen to 100% in a recent update. This broke […]


The Technical Update – Dragging, Molotovs, Upgrades

Technical Update Official Launch Occasionally, a project needs a big cleanup to address existing issues, and rework code in order to make future updates faster and easier. The 1.07 Technical Update is the mother of all rework updates – adding much requested features, fixing bugs, and updating virtually all back-end libraries and engine code. Now […]

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