The Admin Update is Here – v1.01 Out Today!

Admin Update Changes

Official 1.01 Admin Update Release

It’s been one week since the big 1.0 launch and it actually went smoother than expected! It’s a blast playing alongside the fans and seeing the ideas brewing for potential mods in the near future. We can’t say the release was completely without issues so we’re back for a quick turnaround with update v1.01. This release contains tons of fixes but most importantly, we wanted to give admins more options to control their server. And so we present: The Admin Update 1.01.

View Records

Player Records

So Steam Authentication is a big deal in 1.0. No more fumbling with passwords or dealing with ban evasions. Everything is seamless and logins are tied to SteamIDs now. But what if you want to ban a reported player, but he’s left the server and you don’t have his SteamID. Now Admins can be granted access to the Player Records menu. Here you can see the last 500 connections made to the server, and view Player Info and submit bans even after they’ve left.

Advanced Groups Manager

Group Permissions

In 1.0, you can set admin permissions by group, selecting members by SteamID and granting permissions collectively. In this new update, you’re no longer limited to giving permissions by group. Instead admins can give permissions by filtering any number of different selectors. This includes current job, IP address, currently located trigger, and more. These dynamic selectors not only give more admin control, but immense scripting power on the server.

New and Improved Workshop Uploader

New Workshop Uploader

A much requested gift is just in-time for Christmas. The previous Steam Workshop Uploader was clunky and unintuitive. You had to prepare directories and JSON files outside the game and then pray the upload goes through. Now everything is done in-game. Just browse to your files, set your Item name and Description, and click ‘Upload.’ That’s it!

Custom Map

We’re keeping a keen eye on any interesting mods being created and we’ve already seen some cool gun modifications and maps that will be highlighted soon. Again, players are always welcome to our Official Discord Server, where we can help you get started and give you pointers on our Modding Resources at

Miscellaneous Fixes

Damage Model Rework

Also a ton of other fixes made it into the game. Most of the focus was on vehicle damage modeling, Collision damage takes the vehicle type into account as well as a few other factors like inertia between colliding objects. Also aircraft stalling randomly mid-flight has been fixed which was quite the annoyance.

That covers it! Here’s the final v1.01 changelog:

v1.01 Admin Update

  • Bump API version to 1.2.0.x
  • Can set group permissions by SteamID, Job, IP, etc
  • New Player Records Menu to view/ban offline players
  • New collision damage model, depends on vehicle type
  • Fixed aircraft stopping mid-air
  • Particle effect optimizations and tweaks
  • New Steam Uploader: Everything done in-game
  • Unity Update to 2019.2.16 (Fixes Alt-Tab crash)
  • Fixed unreactive police
  • Fixed broken Feedback Menu
  • Builder: Improved Translate and Rotate tools
  • Builder: Handle missing custom assets better
  • Builder: Fixed UI button animations
  • Memory leak fixes with texture handling
  • Better logging on Authentication errors
  • Removed some C#7 language constructs
  • Engine naming collisions fixed to stop warnings
  • AI stuck less frequently around jail
  • Fixed map marker cleanup after job changes
  • Discord SDK Update
  • Fixed coffee cup texture error
  • Reduced zoom on all non-weapons
  • AI pathfinding around Jail improved
  • Fixed Fire and Deathzone damage values set to 0
  • More Authentication failure logging

Thanks for following along and more updates soon <3

-Benz and UserR00T