Helo Attack

The Control Update 1.02 Releasing Today


Control Update Official Release Welcome back to another BP Update! Keeping on schedule with regular releases brings us this mish-mash of good stuff called 1.02 – The Control Update. The content for this update is kind of all over the place but aims to improve both Admin controls and the literal game controls, physics, and […]

Modding Launch

1.0 – Modding Update Launch Announcement


Official 1.0 Modding Update Release After months of work, testing, and feedback since v0.97, the Modding Update v1.0 is finally here. This update presents the biggest evolution of Broke Protocol since its launch. Introducing full modability, server/client scripting, and a slew of improvements and fixes. v1.0 allows servers to edit nearly all gameplay elements, add […]

Asset Modding

Devlog #3: Modding Capabilities and Cleanup


Hello everyone. We’ve been hard at work preparing our big 1.0 milestone update and we’re keen to update you on our final steps before release. Today marks the 2 year anniversary of our Steam release so what better day to release our 3rd (and likely final 1.0 milestone) devlog. And they say the perfect trilogy […]

Usability Coding

Devlog #2: Usability and Back-End Progress


Hello everyone, this is the second installment of our ongoing devlog series. These news posts will highlight key elements of our development process and decision making towards the upcoming milestone update: 1.0. Much of the focus over the past couple of weeks has been on improving usability with some cool new features and back-end changes. […]