NavMesh and Testing 1.. 2..

Hi everyone! So I’m getting ready for testing and don’t have time to do a longer write-up. But, I just wanted to drop an image of some current NavMesh work for AI NPCs and vehicles. NavMesh Work Cheers! -Benz

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Battle Royale Looting

Battle Royale and Custom Game Missions

So all day today, I’ve been working on a Battle Royale Gamemode/Mission. This will be the first Mission of many to come. To elaborate, Missions are optional gamemodes that players can vote for and optionally join. These won’t take place in separate locations or server instances. Battle Royale gamemode and other missions will take place […]

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Dynamic Weather and Traffic

Dynamic Weather, AI, and Time Syncing

Winter… is coming. Erm, actually finishing I guess. Firstly, welcome back to another round of daily updates on Broke Protocol. I hope to make this a regular thing. Anyway, The past few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time syncing up AI traffic and day/night cycles. And recently just put in the basic foundation for […]

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Broke Protocol is BACK (Latest Features)

All new Features are here! We had some great testing sessions in the past year. And we were taking notes. Tons of them! Finally, after 1 year of rebuilding, refining, and adding features, I’m proud to say… Broke Protocol is BACK. And it’s coming back strong. Before and After First of all, I want to […]

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