Flashlight Lighting

Game Engine Upgrade and Refactoring


So I’ve been upgrading and refactoring the game engine to the latest Unity 5.6 release! This should bring improvements and fixes to animation, lighting, and game performance. And now… working flashlights! Engine Upgrade Lighting Refactoring Also I’ve been cleaning up the code and refactoring which kind of feels like this: It’s painstaking work but in […]

Weapon Arsenal

Game Balancing, Actions, and Reactions


23,715 That’s how many lines of code I’m up to. Luckily, the hard low-lowel engine and networking code has mostly been finished. Now the focus is on gameplay and balancing which is.. kind of fun. A Dwarf Fortress, masochistic kind of FUN. In a typical first-person shooter, game balancing comes down to tweaking weapon parameters […]

Vehicles Progress

Vehicles Work in Progress Preview


If you’re wondering what the future holds for Broke Protocol vehicles, then say no more. I wanted to compile the current vehicles that just need a little more work to be drivable. The different types of vehicles may give you a hint to some new jobs that are incoming. So you can earn a little […]

Bazooka Testing Feedback

Alpha Feedback Weekend 1 Complete


Ok, so we had an awesome time playtesting over the weekend. Bazookas are definitely not the best drive-by weapon, I’ve learned. Also, I got excellent feed back from our group of testers. Some words of praise are always welcome: “Your game looks amazing so far” “It was a crap-ton of fun” “it looks like it […]

Multiplayer Alpha Testing

Testing is Live! Alpha as F***


Hey guys, we’re starting the limited testing period for this weekend! So get the alpha while you can since it won’t be available long. Just go to ‘Play Online’ and join the public testing server. When you register, just make up a username/password. Some Hints Use middle mouse to interact with everything Bind weapons with […]

Jailbreak Beta

Beta Testing Sunday, Sunday, Sunday


Beta Testing Update We start beta testing this Sunday EST! Also, links and further details will be posted on the Broke Protocol Facebook Page. Again we will be beta testing PvE, PvP, and the Battle Royale mission! So please clear your calendar and join in on the mayhem. See you Sunday! Cheers! -Benz

Battle Royale Looting

Battle Royale and Custom Game Missions


So all day today, I’ve been working on a Battle Royale Gamemode/Mission. This will be the first Mission of many to come. To elaborate, Missions are optional gamemodes that players can vote for and optionally join. These won’t take place in separate locations or server instances. Battle Royale gamemode and other missions will take place […]

Unity Animation Transition

Blend Trees for Smooth Movement Animation


First off, animation plays big part in making a game feel fluid and “juicy.” Even a blocky game like this can look solid as long as the animations feel smooth. But I’ve seen too many cases where animators simply transition between discrete animations (such as walking/running or moving/strafing) using a hard cutoff. And that just […]

Dynamic Weather and Traffic

Dynamic Weather, AI, and Time Syncing


Winter… is coming. Erm, actually finishing I guess. Firstly, welcome back to another round of daily updates on Broke Protocol. I hope to make this a regular thing. Anyway, The past few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time syncing up AI traffic and day/night cycles. And recently just put in the basic foundation for […]