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Broke Protocol Goes Free

Broke Protocol, an online open-world RPG, was released on Steam one year ago. And to celebrate its anniversary, you can get it on Steam for completely free. If you’re fast. Starting August 15th 10am PST (5pm UTC) Broke Protocol will be free to keep forever (100% off). No trial, limitations, or strings attached. But act quickly because the offer is only available during this 100-hour promotion. Store Page
Broke Protocol received a lot of attention during its free alpha testing phase. As a game built from the ground up to support roleplaying, the game doesn’t have the same limitations of other third-party mods that attempt the genre, such as DarkRP or Arma Life. Broke Protocol can support over a hundred players, in addition to thousands of objects, NPCs, and items. It’s server-authoritative to prevent exploits and all heavily optimized, capable of running on your grandma’s rig.
Interrogation Room
While the game was initially a cops and robbers type deal with heavy focus on criminal activities, gunplay, and general mayhem. It was clear the community wanted more. Hopping on a random server can still be chaotic. Especially since many players get into the game with a deathmatching mindset. But this is being addressed with better admin tools and a shift in focus to adding more civilian jobs and enforcer roles to bring more order to the city.
The sandbox element of Broke Protocol does allow for some interesting situations. Getting kidnapped and held hostage, going undercover in an enemy gang, starting a private fight club, or betting on street races are just a few of the possible stories you’ll encounter. You set your own goals, and write your own story. And as the game develops, that core concept will be kept in focus.
One of the first additions to the game were private apartments, a hideout for you and friends to stockpile, chill out, or plan your next heist. This will be expanded on with larger purchasable homes (single-owner per-home, per-server) along with garages to store your personal vehicles. Even though some furniture is currently usable for storage and such, you can expect more items to be made functional for a better roleplay experience in the future.
Fighting Fire
Later on, the game saw more civilian jobs that add activities other than all out combat. Sign up as a paramedic, delivery driver, taxi driver, or firefighter. Most of these ideas came from the community itself and future jobs will likely focus on the civilian side of things. Look out in the future for a merchant job, allowing players to run their own shop and even farming further in development.
When the game first launched, their were little to no admin tools to control the random deathmatching rampant on servers. With the addition of third-party admin tools (BP-Essentials, which almost every server runs), server owners can now admin their games much more effectively. Working together with the admin tools developer, expect future controls and even modding to come into play for Broke Protocol in the future.
Various vehicles including cars, trucks, planes, helicopter, boats, and even armored cars have been added over the course of development. These allow players to attack a problem from many different angles, quite literally. Land, sea, or air. In the future, when a map editor and scripting is added, even more of these tools will be added to the sandbox for custom scenarios and scripting.
After one year on Steam, and over a dozen updates in that time, Broke Protocol is still early in development. Much work is still ahead. but is continuing non-stop. No DLC, no lootboxes, no black-boxed proprietary servers, and no DRM. Not every game has to follow the same formula, and Broke Protocol aims to keep and expand upon the unique interactions available in the game as one of the only native-built roleplay experiences available.


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