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Hitman Update

Hitman Update Official Launch

The biggest modding update since 1.0 is releasing on Steam and Google Play today – The Hitman Update brings a whole new job and bounty system to BP as well as more ways to mod custom content and gameplay. Whether you’re a player, modder, or admin, there’s a lot fun stuff to get into with the latest release.

Hunting Down Bounties

Bounty Hunting

There’s a new career on the BP roster – the Hitman. Sporting some new gear including our first set of ski masks, the Hitman is the game’s paid assassin. Earn a cool $1000 for each mark struck off the bounty list. Anyone can place a bounty if the price is right and some AI targets are marked too. Find the Hitman Boss near the Hercules cargo plane on the Default map to sign up. And keep low if you end up with a bounty on your head, even AI Hitmen will target you – and they are no slouches.

Complete Job Modding

Job Definition

Until now, all jobs were hard-coded into the game – but no longer! All job related code and metadata have been moved to the public GameSource GitHub Repo and can be modded on your server. Edit existing jobs or add completely new ones. The existing code should serve as an example but don’t forget to check out the BP API Docs and the Official Discord for further info or inquiries.

Custom Entity Actions

Custom Actions

Asset mods can now have custom actions defined for scripting or other modded behaviors. The actions can call a [CustomTarget] tagged method on any server plugins currently loaded. Open gates, equip a loadout, or start raining Hellfire missiles. An example is provided on the GameSource repo but anything is possible using both scripting and asset mods together.

Editor Updates

Editor Properties

Scripting often needs extra data to make the most effective use of modding. When triggers or event actions are called, it’s important to have some meta data on what entity called it or other related info. The new Data property in the World Builder can hold any identifier you assign. It can be accessed via code for scripting.

For example if you have a bunch of Triggers on the map, you can tag one as ‘MilitaryBase’ and other as ‘BankVault’. Then you’ll know which one was entered in the event via the data property assigned. In the screenshot, you can also see apartments can now have custom furniture limits assigned – a long requested feature.

Control and Gunplay


Recoil and other gunplay has been tweaked. Some input bugs on both mobile and PC have been addressed. The Android release now has aim assist to help players land hits a little more accurately on this tricky platform. As always, more improvements are coming. Keep an eye out for the full Hitman Update release today on both Steam and Android (cross-play compatible).

Here’s the full v1.1 changelog:

v1.1 The Hitman Update

  • All Jobs now completely moddable (see GameSource on GitHub)
  • New Hitman Job (Boss located at airport)
  • New persistent Bounty system to set assassination targets
  • New clothing items for Hitman job (ski masks and more)
  • Police now have low level criminals marked for investigation
  • Apartment limits can now be edited in World Builder
  • Active Auto-Aim Assist added for mobile
  • Updated crouch recoil behavior
  • Fixed recoil when dry firing guns
  • Server crash fix: Error handling for player.Save()
  • Custom skin assets now work in skins.txt
  • Fixed Port wall meshes missing faces and textures
  • Phones, detonators, and handcuffs now usable in fixed seating
  • AI now always try to revert back to spawn clothing
  • Simplified a lot of code related to Entity spawning
  • Airplane gear now checks elevation vs ground instead of sea level
  • Cessna’s now modeled as fixed gear (never retracted)
  • GroupManager.WriteGroups no longer spams Method info
  • Fixed vision effects not updating when healing
  • Added SendOptionMenu() UI helper function
  • FunctionMenu replaced with TextPanel (use OptionMenu for input handling)
  • Old TextPanel functions renamed to TextMenu across API
  • Updated SendTextMenu() with optional window size parameters
  • More GetEntity() overloads to use entity names directly
  • Process Options now use pretty item names
  • Added ManagerLoad, Unrestrain, JailCriminal, and GoToJail events to GameSource
  • Persistent server storage now available in svManager.database.Data collection
  • Session server storage now available at svManager.sessionData
  • Added CustomData.ConvertData helper static function
  • Fixed AI job selection on initial spawning
  • Minor Job/Exp label HUD rework to prevent overlap
  • Update to latest Unity Engine patch
  • Update to latest LiteDB fixes
  • Update to latest Networking library
  • Database JobIndex save/corruption fix
  • All players now recieve gang war messages
  • JobName and JobGroup type name changes in groups.json
  • Prevent instant accidental action menu inputs
  • EntityCollections.RandomNPC and RandomPlayer added
  • Asset Mods can have eventActions defined for custom Action Menu options
  • Added Button entity as an example (new custom ButtonPush event defined in GameSource)
  • Added ‘’ string field for custom storage (set in World Builder or via code)
  • Removed ‘identifier’ field from Triggers, use data field instead
  • Apartment furniture limit showing 0 on clients fixed
  • Garage parking checks improved
  • Fixed sometimes despawning garage vehicles
  • 3rd-person camera improved for motorcycles and karts

See you!


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