v0.62 Minimap, Balancing, and Tons of Fixes


Download Here

v0.62 has arrived! The main new feature is the minimap which will be used in the future for jobs, heists, most wanted, and other objectives. It will also help new players get acquainted with the map and the special NPCs / Areas. There are also MANY bugfixes for crashes, lag, and disconnects. I’ll try to list all the changes here:

v0.62 Minimap and More Changelog

-In-game minimap with important locations marked
-Explosions effects and damage increased (bombing the vault doors does damage)
-All the melee weapons now have different stats (range + damage)
-No more glitching into walls using cars
-Police now carry guns again (watch out!)
-NPCs and shops carry more money for trading (only some money dropped on death)
-Fixed trading items with NPCs (remember to read the message for what they want)
-Prison guard now correctly carries the Prison Key
-Cannot use ironsights when sprinting anymore
-NPCs don’t disappear after being arrested in the shops
-Fixed admin kick/ban commands
-Fixed random server disconnects and lag
-Small model fixes and optimizations
-Reduced hunger, thirst, and energy drain (sprinting still uses more)
-Base addiction level slightly increased

Please note that the game is still just at 10% of what I want to do with it. Remember to check my Twitter and the Roadmap for the planned updates and future additions.

More on the way, and see you in-game!