New Version 0.583! Buyable Cars and Many Fixes

EDIT: The files have just been hotfixed to v0.583 (5:16AM 29-3-2017 UTC)

Hi a new version is available! Drug Dealer, Buyable/Lockable Vehicles, and a bunch of bug fixes for this release. This is a required download to play online!


Alpha 0.583 Changes and Fixes

-Cars at the police station are for sale only.
-Owned cars can be locked/unlocked (or stolen with a lockpick)
-Medical Boxes can now heal (50%)
-Many server crash fixes
-Automatic Version check on Main Menu
-Drug Dealer near church
-Fixed headlight square outline
-Slower weather/fog patterns
-Fixed cars flipping on Enter/Exit
-Working flashlight
-Cars now don’t disappear if players are in-range
-Fixed head through car roof bug with Battle Royale
-Battle Royale death circle is smaller and faster closing
-Added Exit button to login menu
-Fewer free items in airport crate
-Fixed ATM bug with too much money
-Fixing stuttering animations for players
-Higher drop percentage from dead players
-Fewer AI criminals
-Russian Translation for Server Info (thanks ragger!)

See you guys online.