Speedy Progress with the Speed Dial Update


Broke Protocol is back with another update in less than a week! Some back-end engine updates and rewrites over the past few months allowed a quick turnaround for this release. Again the focus stays on role-playing aspects – the Speed Dial update now featuring usable cell phones 🙂 To get a new cell phone, first […]

Taxi Drive

Odd Jobs Update Releasing Today!


A new update is ready to go! Players have been asking for more role-playing elements instead of the combat heavy focus of the past. So now this version focuses on a couple odd jobs you can do to give back to the city of Eden and get paid while doing it. Here’s a run-down of […]

Armor Chase

Heavy Armor Update Coming to Steam


The Heavy Armor update adds many updates and fixes to AI, explosives, and physics. But the headline feature is a brand new Armored Car – The ultimate deterrent against thieves and gangsters. You can find a couple different models for purchase around the airport, in green and black variants. Just drop a cool $6000 for […]


Chase Camera Update has just Hit Steam


A quick update introducing a brand new Chase Camera for a 3rd-person view. Cycle between first-person, third-person, and static cameras with the (default) C key. Accurate shooting from this position is not supported to prevent rampant wallpeeking but it does offer a nice change of perspective and a GTA style feel to the game. Also […]


v0.71 Reinforcements Update Released


Reinforcements have arrived! The latest update to Broke Protocol features updated AI behavior within shops, bank, and other buildings. Depending on your wanted level, more police backup will enter interiors to search and smoke out wanted criminals. In addition, find some new vehicles, new female character model with skirts and blouses. Also, included some back-end […]

Town Hall Above

Balancing Broke Protocol


Balancing Goals So the last few patches added content including new jobs, items, and things to do. But the focus is now shifting to refining and balancing what’s already here. The next updates will polish core gameplay loops to balance jobs, weapons, and correctly punish criminal activity. But after a few tweaking patches, expect more […]


Land, Sea, and Air Update v0.70 is Out


After months of planning, implementation, and testing, the latest update to Broke Protocol is finally ready. The Land, Sea, and Air Update is out now for all players on Steam. This update opens up new aircraft and boats for alternative means of transportation around the game world. It also introduces a new Mayor job and […]

Green Gang

Boom! Broke Protocol Hitting Steam!


Since Broke Protocol first entered open Alpha, the game has been tested by over 150K players. From the flat-shaded Lego-style first iteration over a year ago with just a cops vs robbers base game. To the slick current version with added jobs, new city, vehicles, gangs, and apartments. But the end of Alpha testing is […]


New Electronics Hotfix Update v0.666


On a roll now with 3 updates in 1 day! This latest update fixes your safehouse furniture and items sometimes being lost on logging out. It also adds a brand new Electronics Shop interior with dozens of new gadgets to add to your apartments. Download Electronics Update v0.666