Players Stats System Development

I’m still amazed by the attention the game has been getting so I’ve been working hard on the next release. This will include a player stats system. Stats will include things like hunger, thirst, stamina, and other items in the future that players must manage. Restaurant interiors will be open to fill your stomach and regain some health. Also you may find soda machines around the city to quench your thirst after a cross-city sprint from cops.

Player Stats

Stamina will come in later. As the day goes on, you may need to find a place to regain your strength for the next adventure. So for now you’ll have to find accommodation at a hotel. In the future, I’ll make personalized homes able to be purchased, or even the ability to live like a bum and sleep on the curb if you’re short on cash. Though this would take longer to replenish stamina.

So check back here for continued updates and the next release within a week.