v0.60 Preview – Restaurants, Hunger, Thirst, and Addiction

Yep, that’s right. The next version will be a bigger feature update than the previous patches. Big enough to push the game version to 0.60! This version will include restaurants and player stats – everyone must eat, drink, and find sustenance to survive. Obviously, we’ll have a wide variety of foods and drinks to quench your hunger and thirst. The Energy stats can be gained with coffee, energy drinks, and drugs (and sleeping in the future). However, taking drugs too often can also lead to addiction.

This 0.60 release will include a fast food restaurant, and coffee shop/bakery interiors. In the future I aim to open up just about every food venue, have food stands, and vending machines around the city too.

Restaurant Screen


This update will be out in the next day or two, so keep your eyes open!