v0.584 Ragdolls and Knockouts, Improved Lighting, Networking, and AI

The latest update is available bringing many fixes and improvements to the game. The biggest change is knockouts – an effect certain weapons can have on players and NPCs. Melee hits, and some explosions can knock plays down depending on their health and the strength of the hit. This is just the first tiny step towards a more advanced damage model. Lighting, AI, and networking fixes made it in as well. The full changelog is below, so get upgraded and see you online!

Download v0.584 “Knockouts” Here

v0.584 Changelog:
-Knockout effect for fall damage and certain weapons
-Realistic headlights and flashlights
-Networking fixes and optimizations
-Improved AI attacking behavior
-Fixed NPC spawn popping in and out I some cases
-driving no