Hospital Items

The Medical Update – Detailed Injury Modeling


Medical Update Official Launch The biggest update since the World Builder and Modding is coming to Broke Protocol today. The new Medical Update v1.05 features the start of a completely reworked damage and injury system. Characters are not simple health pools anymore. Players can now sustain a variety of injuries with punishing effects. Risk management […]

Ballistic Weapons

The Ballistic Update – Mobile Modding


Ballistic Update Official Release Big update incoming to Broke Protocol on PC and mobile today. The Ballistic Update features reworked gunplay, sights, projectiles, and reloads. But that’s not all – a big change is allowing modding for both Mobile users and non-Steam servers too. And even more modding options are on the way. New Bullet […]


The Garages Update – Releasing Now!


Garages Update Official Release A major Broke Protocol Update shipping on Steam today, introducing the long-awaited Garages and a bunch of other upgrades and fixes. Explore new areas, try some useful new interactions, a new weapon, and most importantly – you can now save your personal vehicle. Permanently. Well, as long as you don’t accidentally […]

Helo Attack

The Control Update 1.02 Releasing Today


Control Update Official Release Welcome back to another BP Update! Keeping on schedule with regular releases brings us this mish-mash of good stuff called 1.02 – The Control Update. The content for this update is kind of all over the place but aims to improve both Admin controls and the literal game controls, physics, and […]