6 July – 1.40 Hotfix 9 (1.41 Preview)

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Server Hosting

  • Download Linux Server (x64) (or on Windows, just need the game itself)
  • Get a Windows or Linux 64-bit machine/VPS with around 3-4GB of RAM, good bandwidth, and decent CPU. No Linux desktop is required since the Server can run from the terminal.
  • Open UDP Ports 5557 and 5558 – Remember to Port Forward on the router and allow firewall access on the server. If behind a router, you must Google “Port Forward [Your Router Model]” since each brand is different in how to configure settings.
  • Allow ICMP Pings / Echo Requests on your router and firewall, else your server ping won’t display correctly. You will again need to search how this is done for your firewall/router setup.
  • Edit announcements.txt, server_info.txt, settings.json, and groups.json with any text editor to configure server name, player count, map, permissions, etc.
  • Run Server.bat or ./ on Linux (need to ‘sudo apt-get install screen’ first) and let the server finish loading. Note that first time running a map will take a while (5-10 minutes) to generate a NavMesh, but after that first load, it should load quicker using a cache.
  • Your server should be visible on the masterserver with a ‘+’ if set up correctly. If you are trying to join on the same machine the server is running on, use the ‘Direct Connect’ button in-game via IP ‘’.

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