Semi Scenery

Workshop Update Releasing – Creators Wanted


Steam Workshop support is finally here! Build all new worlds and share with the community for both online play and single-player. All item creation, sharing, and even following community content can now be done in-game. Click the Plus icon to immediately subscribe to and download community maps. You’ll find your new maps listed in the […]

City Skyline

Downtown Update Out on Steam Today


The Downtown Update is ready for release today! Your game will automatically update with all new objects, features, fixes, and a new weapon. The main highlight of this update is a whole set of new city objects, buildings, landmarks, and props to help your custom map stand out. Add famous landmarks or a large business […]


The Farmland Update – Major Release Incoming


The Broke Protocol Farmland Update hits Steam today! This update is the first in a series that aims to add huge packs of objects, props, items, vehicles and more. The goal is to provide map makers more pre-built stuff to work with to provide fresh new scenarios. Over a hundred new map objects have been […]


The Destructible Update – Hitting Steam Today


Broke Protocol is back with the Destructible update. This time around, Eden may look a bit different. That’s because signs, cans, lampposts and just about all other props which have been completely impervious before, can now be destroyed. No more measly trash cans bringing your police pursuit or epic tank chase to a halt. Along […]

Sports Car

The Free Outrun Update Hits Steam Today


It’s that time again. Please restart your Steam clients to grab the latest free upgrade. Called The Outrun Update – this update focuses on all forms of transport to make running errands (ie. getaways) a bit easier to manage. The main feature is a speedy new sports car. Feel free to kindly borrow a ride […]

SpecOps Rifle

Special Forces Dispatched – the SpecOps Update


Here with quick update adding a much requested job to the current roster of occupations. Players can finally take up the position of elite SpecOps soldiers, previously only occupied by NPCs. These fearsome operatives are tasked with taking out some of the toughest criminals in Eden. Head over to the military base entrance gate and […]