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How do I host a Broke Protocol server?

  • Download Linux Server (x64) (or on Windows, just need the game itself)
  • Get a Windows or Linux 64-bit machine/VPS with at least 2GB of RAM and a good CPU and internet connection. No Linux desktop is required since the Server can run headless.
  • Open UDP Ports 5557 and 5558 – Remember to Port Forward on the router and create incoming firewall rules on the server machine. If behind a router, you must Google “Port Forward [Your Router Model]” since each brand is different in how to configure settings.
  • Allow ICMP Pings / Echo Requests on your router and firewall, else your server ping will always show 1000ms. Again, Google is your friend.
  • Edit announcements.txt, server_info.txt, settings.json, and groups.json with Notepad to configure server name, playercount, map, permissions, etc.
  • Run Server.bat and let the server finish loading
  • If you are trying to play the game on the same machine the server is running on, use the ‘Direct Connect’ button in-game via IP ‘’ so you can join the server.

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