The Truck Sim Update – Tow Trucks and Subways

Semi Trucks

The Truck Sim Update Release

OK, it’s far from a ‘Simulator’ but 1.37 brings heavily anticipated towing, trailers, and functional tow trucks / semi-trucks to BP. This update is an intermediate step to bigger things in the near future but should allow for some fun stuff that’s often hard or rarely done in online games. There are also other big features that modders might find very useful for creating both assets and maps.

Tow Trucks and More

Tow Trucks

New tow trucks have been added to the game, and they’re actually functional too. The whole physics sync system was rewritten to support arbitrary connected physics bodies. And this system will allow for an easier implementation of other cool features too. Just back your truck up to an appropriate trailer/vehicle and select the option to ‘Start Towing.’ New trailers and containers for semi-trucks have also been added – you’ll see AI spawning with them randomly in tow.

Subway System and Stations

Subway Station

There’s an entirely new subway system added on the Default world. You’ll see stations across the map that are all accessible and interconnected. There’s a system of railways in place but actual AI-controlled and human-drivable trains will be coming in the next update. The physics stuff written was a precursor to this major feature so hang tight for further news on that.

Smooth Voxel Support

Smooth Voxels

The trains stations have been built with both standard and new smooth voxels. Not exactly smooth though: the actual algorithm is called Marching Cubes but I had to name it something a little more understandable in-game. They’re very useful for more rough or natural geometry so they’re used in curved tunnels in the subway system. And of course, they allow full destruction with physics for basically free.

Vehicle Enhancements

SAM Launcher

Vehicles have several improvements to both performance and visuals. Physics tick rates are double that of old versions for better fidelity and sync. Animations and physics continue running on vehicles even after they’re destroyed or driverless. And as a performance enhancement, their physics are fully serverside with the client just rendering fake physics for non-player vehicles. For modders, you’ll also see that guided munitions follow their Transform parent now for locking behavior. This allows for mods like DwightSchrutes SAM Launcher pictured above.

UI and Other Improvements

Equipment Bindings

I can’t forget to mention all the other improvements made to the game. You’ll find 4 bind slots back on the menu with an adjusted interface and nested menus for binding. A ton of exploits and hacks have been patched for more robust networking, especially around inventories and chat. 1.37 also adds important low-level fixes and optimizations all around for things like raycasting, memory usage, and network traffic.

Here’s the full Truck Simulator Update changelog:

v1.37 Truck Simulator Update Changelog

Game Changes:

  • Added Towing functionality along with some new Tow Trucks
  • Semi-trucks can now haul new usable Trailers/Containers
  • New voxel Subway system and stations on Default (trains coming soon)
  • 2 new bind slots for a total of 4
  • New nested binding/attachment action menus
  • Phone binding/button removed
  • SmoothVoxels now supported as a new entity type
  • More voxel system optimizations and improvements
  • MagicaVoxel importing supports grouped models correctly
  • New network culling system takes entity size/bounds into account
  • ‘Always Active’ option removed (unnecessary with better network culling)
  • Collision damage can hurt all vehicle occupants now
  • Optimized some redundant data from network traffic
  • Halved Physics timestep for better accuracy
  • Boosted network sendRate for better sync
  • Use Physics NonAlloc methods to reduce memory allocations
  • Lots of fixes for exploits and edge cases
  • Networked physics rewrite for improved standardized sync for all objects
  • Fixed some tire skid bugs and issues
  • Increased interior fall distance before being reset
  • Fixed self-uncuffing exploit
  • Improved sanitization of player input
  • Lock angle now a modable property of Thrown weapons
  • Guided weapons use the assigned Weapon Set transform for locking behavior
  • APCs now have guided rockets as a weapon for testing
  • Fixed CanSeeEntity raycasts failing in some cases
  • Fixed some possible inventory exploits
  • Fixed some player icons baking into minimaps
  • Some test maps updated with some additional tests / improvements
  • Updated Unity engine and packages to latest builds
API Changes

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