Serious roleplaying as kingpin criminals or a hardened vigilantes in Open-World multiplayer.

Key Features

Open-World Gameplay

Roleplaying with hundreds of players and NPCs roaming the ever-growing open-world city. Hit contracts, arrest warrants, and Battle Royale gamemodes will keep you looking over your shoulder.

Roleplaying Freedom

Ever-expanding character customization and roleplay opportunities. Farm and sell on the black market, kidnap and rob others, and execute elaborate bank heists all in the name of money and power.

Massive Arsenal

Battle it out with everything from household items to black market firearms. Dozens of vehicles ranging from supercars to trucks and everything in-between, each with uinique handling and physics.

Latest News


Paramedics, Hospital, and Tasers are Here!

So after tons of code reworking, modeling, animating, and networking fixes (broke protocol, get it?) I’m happy to present the biggest update yet. And the first thing you’ll want to do is check out the Hospital. Here you can use your startup money to sign up for the new paramedic career. You’ll get fitted with […]


Paramedic Update Just Days Away

Get ready for a new Paramedic job, items, interior, and vehicles in the next big upgrade. This may be the biggest update to Broke Protocol yet: the Paramedic is now the 2nd major job added to the game. It opens up the hospital interior and more health items – including a new defibrillator for reviving […]

Greenlight Stats

Steam Greenlight Top 100 and Beyond

Thanks to all the the supporters here, Twitch streamers, Youtubers, and Reddit, we made it into the Top 100. In just 5 days. Better yet, we’re on track to hit the Top Ten if you all keep this up. Also, the positive feedback has been phenomenal. 3/4 visitors saying they would be interested in the […]

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