The Animals Update – Playable Cats, Dogs, and More

Cat Relax

Animals Update Release

A landmark update is launching today for Broke Protocol. Animals are finally added and you’ll see them roaming the streets of all your favorite servers. They’re both player and AI controllable too. This is mostly a fun addition rather than strict roleplay so you’ll be able to drive cars and bomb banks as a terrorist dog. Only limitations right now for mobs are certain jobs and usable items.

Animal Accomplices

Cat Rob Bank

Yes you’ll also be able to recruit the AI animals as followers. Whether you want a loyal K-9 police dog by your side, or a felon feline partner in crime, they’ll do your bidding and attack all those who stand in your way. They are slightly faster than humans so can often help in foot chases and hunting down elusive foes. Your animal accomplices will ride shotgun with you in vehicles too.

Pet Furniture and Items

Pet Items

A bunch of new apartment furniture and world items have been added with this update like toys and bowls. Many are pet-oriented and could be useful especially since animal characters can purchase apartments the same way as humans. You’ll also see some new crimes associated with animal abuse if you’re the heartless kind of role-player. Mobs, clothing, and usable items for them can all be modded as usual so I’m looking forward to the cool Workshop items in the near future.

Animal Control


Animals can get wanted levels if they commit crimes too. Police are called in to take out violent animals just like wanted criminals. There are no pawcuffs in the game, but Police are now issued muzzles in order to restrain animals and bring them into custody. You can also find muzzles sold at the Default map Pawn Shop. After restraining, animals can be controlled, searched, and placed in jail.

Clothing and Items

Police Dog

Animals can equip items and clothing only marked with characterType equal to ‘Mob’ or ‘All’. This can be set in the item properties before you export mods so things will work in almost the same fashion as before. I have an example Sunglasses item set up this way but TheUnishark has already modded in a police vest for animal sidekicks. Don’t forget to mod GameSource and skins.txt if you want to disable some of these features for more strict RP.

Modding Changes

Cloth Components

Some other modding changes were made in this update that are worth noting. Cloth components are supported again, they’ll work on vehicles, clothing, and anything else. Clothing no longer needs any colliders or specific mesh bounds assigned since the game will do this automatically now. Also the player seating animation origin is now set to the buttocks instead of the feet so it’s consistent with the animal meshes. Vehicles older than this update are detected and have their seat transforms updated automatically. But any custom Player/Character mods will need to be updated with the latest BPResources else their character positions will be incorrect in vehicles.

Note Google Play only supports Android 10+ apps now. But I’ll always keep an updated Android 7+ APK at Broke Protocol Downloads.

Here’s the full v1.14 changelog:

v1.14 Animals Update Changelog

  • Added playable and AI Cats & Dogs
  • Added Mob/Animal character type with new equipables/wearables/animations
  • Added Muzzle item for restraining animals (Police item, sold by MerchantPawn)
  • Added new animal related crimes
  • Added various new pet related props and items
  • Added BattleAmbience audio entity
  • Tweaked some 3rd-person camera positioning
  • Fixed camera and bounds calculations for scaled entities
  • Minor mesh error fixes and tweaks
  • Minor tweaks and fixes to Human animations
  • Minor AI ChaseState fixes
  • Cloth components for mods are better supported and working again
  • Auto-set renderer bounds for clothing/mods to match player model bounds
  • Modders no longer need to add colliders to clothing (auto-set at runtime)
  • All Seat Transforms should be positioned at buttocks for mobs and humans now
  • New mobsUpdate boolean in mountable properties determines Seat backwards compatibility
  • New dropdown in CharacterPoser Scene to select Human or Mob
  • Additional entity lookup method: EntityCollections.TryFindEntity(int ID, out ShEntity e)
  • Rewritten wandering AI state used by mobs and prisoners (WIP)
  • Fixed SplineNode rendering and cleanup bugs
  • Ctrl key modifier added to Undo/Redo/Duplicate to prevent accidental presses
  • Fixed physics and collider bugs when changing cameras and jumping
  • Server details panel rich text handling fixes
  • Fixed occasional broken swim animations
  • Better vehicle dismount and safe position fixes
  • Higher water jump boosting allowed
  • Safely handle server history/favorites corruption if too long for registry
  • Animation controller re-organization and cleanup
  • Added HandsUp event to GameSource
  • Added MenuClosed event to GameSource
  • Fixed some player physics issues with joints
  • Mobile buttons reset correctly on Death/Cleanup
  • Some audio volume normalization
  • Update to latest internal plugins
  • Update to latest UnityEngine release

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