Airborne Update Releasing – Get High

Another big update long in the works is releasing today. Check Steam today for the Airborne Update v0.90 where you’ll find changes from huge new transports, to longstanding bugfixes and engine upgrades.

Airborne Paratroopers

The biggest new update in this version is support for steerable parachutes. If you have a parachute pack in your inventory, you can deploy them while airborne by pressing the F key or using the action menu. These parachute packs add another dimension to getaways, heists, and aircraft… malfunctions.

Parachute Packs

You can find packs at the airport that are resupplied every few minutes. Pick one up or share with your crew in order to craft unique scenarios. You can use them to plant a rooftop sniper or stage an airborne attack of the military base for example.


Luckily, the parachutes are easy to control. using WASD + QE keys – similar to the helicopters in-game. The parachutes use actual physics so try to maintain some speed if you want to efficiently cover distance. And ease in for a soft landing or you’ll be hurting.


What good would parachutes be without a suitable plane to deliver you and your crew? At the airport, you’ll find a huge new cargo plane just made for that. The Hercules can carry you and 100 passengers (Really) to wherever you need to drop in. Don’t forget to pack your parachutes beforehand.

Cargo Plane

New physics should make aircraft a bit easier to manage, but you still want to assign a skilled pilot for any planned drops. Aircraft like this are in preparation for larger supported maps coming in the future, so hang tight for more news.


Tons of other changes made it in, from seating ability anywhere, hitbox and mesh fixes, and graphics tweaks and optimizations. Loads of other updates also under the hood due to a big engine upgrade. See the full patch notes below.

Download Here

Linux Server and Tools

Airborne Update Patch Notes

  • Added Cargo plane with 100 player seating
  • Added ability to sit on any chair, bench, or couch
  • Fixed and scaled many chairs and benches to player size
  • Added steerable parachutes (need pack at airport hanger)
  • Reduced crazy stall characteristic of aircraft
  • Added Aircraft/Boat waypoints for random AI air and sea traffic
  • Changed to optimized post-processing stack
  • Added antialiasing graphics option
  • Player animation fixes and optimizations
  • Player hitboxes more closely match mesh
  • Fixed player hitboxes in vehicles
  • Fixed player hitbox corruption with after exiting vehicles
  • Reduced barrel smoke transparency
  • Fixed basketball court texture
  • Fixed server crash if drugs grown after apartment destroyed
  • Fixed sometimes missing apartment items after relogging
  • Optimized time and memory usage of saving/loading levels (thanks UserR00T)
  • Fixed AI sprinting for no reason
  • Fixed many City pack building scales (10-40% – some maps may need updates)
  • Some crane texture errors fixed
  • Fixed Offline map dropdown menu limit
  • Update to latest Unity Engine release
  • Tweaked collision damage model
  • Transparent cloud material
  • Added rate limiting for item placement
  • Added rate limiting chat messages
  • SendToJail logic fixed (BPE)
  • Minor map interior fixes and adjustments
  • Added disconnect reason messages
  • Offline mode should work better with less lag