2021 Update – KillCams, Door Passcodes, AI Commands

The 2021 Update Official Launch

Every year I’ll use one update to brush up the game with much requested features and fixes instead of big flashy additions. The 2021 Update brings very important technical updates including big optimizations, hit-reg fixes, mobile improvements, and more quality of life stuff. But there are also some juicy additions around apartments and admin functionality.

Apartment Passcodes

Do you get annoyed at having to constantly invite friends and gang members into your apartment? Now you can just set and share a secret passcode with your contacts and have instant access. This user input API is also available for modding and yes passcodes are hashed for security on the client before being sent serverside. In the future, I’ll be looking at ways to allow apartment access and robberies even if the owner is offline.

Follower Commands

Followers are getting more useful with this update. They can now be positioned strategically or recalled from an engagement. Use the point key (Z) to direct them to hold a position. You can also hit the Alert key (H) to regroup them back with you even if they’re in combat. More features like giving them custom equipment and allow them to heal you is also being looked into for future updates.

Hit Registration

Hit registration has suffered ever since the Ballistics Update. This was a difficult problem so I added a debug mode with simulated lag and serverside bullets drawn. I was finally able to pin down and fix several issues related to making your shots connect at a distance. Melee combat is another can of worms that I’ll work on for future updates too.

Mobile Improvements

The mobile release has also seen some updates. Some PC hotfixes are finally ported over and you can now see a slightly different button layout. Auto-aim has been fixed with the ability to finally lock on to heads now and performance should also be a bit better than before. Other improvements like floating joysticks are planned as well.

Other Changes

Other changes include a Spectator mode for Admins – really useful to track down cheaters or look for abuse. A killcam is also added after death – it’s available via the API so could be useful for PVP / round-based modes. A bunch of modding features have been added including Animate packets for custom animations, new GameSource events, and the user input API.

Note Google Play only supports Android 10+ apps now. But I’ll always keep an updated Android 7+ APK at Broke Protocol Downloads.

Here’s the full v1.12 changelog:

v1.12 The 2021 Update

  • Added Apartment security panel – Set Passcodes and share with friends
  • Followers can be directed around with Pointing and Alerts
  • New InputMenu API and PlayerSubmitInput event to GameSource
  • Spectator mode added along with API and permissions
  • Killer spectate camera after death added
  • Fixed many hit registration bugs (now much more accurate at distance)
  • New Server network culling rewrite with speedup and fixes
  • Big server optimizations and cleanup
  • Reduced and combined many network packets
  • Removed Channel.Fragmented (Channel.Reliable supports large packets)
  • Added AnimatorFloat/Int/Bool/Trigger packets for custom animations
  • Re-ordered some transport action menu items
  • Added PlayerReady event to GameSource when player is first spawned and ready
  • Serverside checks to make sure player searches are valid
  • Increased all pistol fire rates
  • Reduced AI accuracy and firing spam
  • Mobile: Stopped toggle buttons being reset if fingers lifted
  • Support for poisonous consumable mods (set negative health boost)
  • Improved AI aircraft ground avoidance & maneuvering
  • AI now follow same view angle limits as humans
  • Some new Follower tips in announcements.txt
  • New OnPoint and OnAlert events added to GameSource
  • Added EntityRespawn event to GameSource (currently unused)
  • Only random spawns are allowed for followers to prevent exploits
  • ShPlayer.looking -> ShPlayer.pointing renaming for clarity
  • SvRestore has new optional interior/parent argument
  • Fixed broken Search player option in beta
  • Fixed Action Menu corruption if entity disabled when highlighted
  • Fixed occasional missing vehicle firing animations/sounds
  • Fixed client crash related to equipable/attachments initialization
  • Rocket and Shell weird physics at close range fixed
  • AI orient speed increased slightly
  • Fixed placeable blueprints broken when entering doors
  • Fixed sometimes empty vehicles with AI despawning
  • F16 model wings and drop tanks modified
  • Hercules engine audio range increased
  • Clamped gear ratio calculation
  • Added instant interior loading
  • Fixed grip animation error after incremental reloads
  • Raised cloud level
  • Reduced rain volume
  • Update to latest InputSystem
  • Fixed auto-aim to target heads too
  • Removed some old input hacks
  • New Unity engine upgrade
  • Updated to latest LiteDB library

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