Paramedics, Hospital, and Tasers are Here!


So after tons of code reworking, modeling, animating, and networking fixes (broke protocol, get it?) I’m happy to present the biggest update yet. And the first thing you’ll want to do is check out the Hospital. Here you can use your startup money to sign up for the new paramedic career. You’ll get fitted with […]


Paramedic Update Just Days Away


Get ready for a new Paramedic job, items, interior, and vehicles in the next big upgrade. This may be the biggest update to Broke Protocol yet: the Paramedic is now the 2nd major job added to the game. It opens up the hospital interior and more health items – including a new defibrillator for reviving […]

Greenlight Stats

Steam Greenlight Top 100 and Beyond


Thanks to all the the supporters here, Twitch streamers, Youtubers, and Reddit, we made it into the Top 100. In just 5 days. Better yet, we’re on track to hit the Top Ten if you all keep this up. Also, the positive feedback has been phenomenal. 3/4 visitors saying they would be interested in the […]

Fun With Friends

First Day and 1K – Huge Thanks to Our Supporters


(Thanks to Nullins and friends from the English Server for snapping random pic from the bank vault!) Hi everyone, A quick update! After our first day LIVE on our Kickstarter, I’ve seen some amazing support from everyone and we’ve raised $1000 to support Broke Protocol so far. We’ve gotten tens of thousands of upvotes on […]


On Steam Greenlight Now! Vote to Support


Broke Protocol just hit Steam Greenlight! If you want this game to have ownable homes, custom vehicle upgrades, more jobs and activities, then please vote for us! If successful, I’ll be able to update the game for many years to come. This is the first time I’ve gone out to actively promote the game so […]

Muzzle Flash

The Roleplaying 32-Bit Update is Here


Download v0.622 Roleplaying Update Here Hi again! This update features many changes to improve the roleplaying aspect of the game. No more free weapons at the airport! They have to be hard earned or stolen off the streets. Melee items and a usable chest can now be bought at the pawn shop for storage for […]

Police Sprint

v0.621 Hotfix and Performance Update


Download v0.621 Hotfix Update Here After just 1 day we have another hotfix update for Broke Protocol. This should address some connection issues the servers were having. Also, it fixes some bugs related to entering interiors, players getting stuck, and ammo counts when you pick up and drop ammunition. Full Hotfix Changelog -Many client + […]


v0.62 Minimap, Balancing, and Tons of Fixes


Download Here v0.62 has arrived! The main new feature is the minimap which will be used in the future for jobs, heists, most wanted, and other objectives. It will also help new players get acquainted with the map and the special NPCs / Areas. There are also MANY bugfixes for crashes, lag, and disconnects. I’ll […]

Pickup Girl

0.61 ‘Murica Update! Pickup Trucks and Girls


A new update is here and after only 1 day! Working hard now and I wanted to introduce some new pickup truck models you may see driving around the game. Also in this update is our first female player model, complete with several clothing options. Please don’t go stripping the NPCs, there’s really nothing modeled […]