The Control Update 1.02 Releasing Today

Helo Attack

Control Update Official Release

Welcome back to another BP Update! Keeping on schedule with regular releases brings us this mish-mash of good stuff called 1.02 – The Control Update. The content for this update is kind of all over the place but aims to improve both Admin controls and the literal game controls, physics, and animations of a lot of stuff. Yea, I know.. bear with me and let’s dive into the details.

Classic Login Option

Classic Login

So Steam Authentication has been received with praise and scorn from 2 different camps. So why not allow both? Servers can decide whether to use Steam Authentication for more secure banning and account management. Or use a classic username/password login like before. Just set “steam” to true or false in your settings.json and that’s it! The server browser will show what servers use Steam vs Classic so you can decide what kind of ‘experience’ you prefer 🙂

Updated Controls

Aircraft Control

All aircraft in the Control Update have received a control overhaul. The keyboard controls are similar to before though handling might feel a bit looser. But the big change is now mouse controls are supported. Simply look where you want to go and the aircraft will follow. All this depends on preference – so fly the way you want. If you need mouse look in the aircraft now, just hit the new Look key ‘X.’

Physics Updates

Boat Physics

Boats have gotten a much needed physics update. They actually follow proper dynamics for more realistic motion. Bring a barf bag. Underwater cameras have a new fog effect for now. This isn’t exactly Update Aquatic but an improvement for sure. Sidenote, using the Look key outside of vehicles allows you to point at stuff like in the image above.

Desert Rats

Desert Expansion

Tentacle_Boss has been hard at work with a huge desert expansion for the default map. I won’t spoil too much but it’s best if players explore this region on their own. With that said, you might find some fun uses for different areas of this wasteland – and its remote nature means your deeds stay private. If modding like this peaks your interest, be sure to check out our Official Discord Server, and the BP Modding Resources at

Chat Commands Redux

Chat Commands

Chat commands have been a long-requested feature for admins on the vanilla server. Now a ton of default commands have been added directly accessible via chat. These include basic admin duties like kicking and banning, as well as fun stuff like changing world colors and weather. The Official GameSource repo contains examples on how to add your own custom commands. And note, each new command has its own permission you can assign. See the updated groups.json.default file for the new stuff

Here’s the full v1.02 changelog:

v1.02 Control Update

  • Steam Auth disabled by default (enable in settings.json)
  • All references to SteamID in code and configs changed to AccountID
  • GroupType.UserSteamID -> GroupType.AccountID
  • Added Ban records menu and Unban option
  • Updated aircraft physics and seating
  • Aircraft now have mouse control, (X to mouse look)
  • Added ‘look’ key (X) for pointing
  • Boat physics overhaul and extra parameter (turnFactor)
  • Tweaked player physics for less random damage
  • Added basic underwater rendering mode
  • AI won’t be knocked out anymore to fix exploits
  • AI will whistle and point when attempting robberies
  • CommandHandler Rewrite – Added many BP commands (chat /help)
  • Movement animation smoothing
  • Medic heals refill all stats to min 40% (prevent heal spamming)
  • Added stricter server hitchecking
  • New startMoney option in settings.json
  • Really fixed stuck action menus
  • Increased stats boost for many consumables
  • Don’t close chat menu on death/respawn
  • Optimized tooltip generation
  • Chat and connection records reduced to stop errors
  • Briefcase lifetime increased to 60s
  • Better error handling on item spawning
  • SvPlayer.SvEnterDoor() <- new forceEnter parameter to skip checks
  • SvPlayer.Horn() -> SvPlayer.Alert()
  • Removed some duplicated inventory functions
  • Some apartment cleanup fixes
  • Added more verbose connect/disconnect logging
  • Removed holiday lights
  • Minor menu changes
  • Some house mesh fixes
  • Some cleanup for mobile: Removed Discord SDK, Client Console

Thanks everyone and Happy New Year!


Happy New Year