Dynamic Weather, AI, and Time Syncing

Winter… is coming.

Erm, actually finishing I guess. Firstly, welcome back to another round of daily updates on Broke Protocol. I hope to make this a regular thing. Anyway, The past few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time syncing up AI traffic and day/night cycles. And recently just put in the basic foundation for a dynamic weather system.

Fog and cloud cover are the current variables synced. However, in the future, I want rain, snow, temperatures, and many other dynamic variables synced up. I want players to account for slick roads when driving, limited visibility in shootouts, and even wind conditions for a yet unannounced planned feature 🙂

So here’s a quick video showingcasing the current dynamic conditions being synced across the network.

Other Dynamic.. Dynamics

In addition to the weather, I want the city to to feel alive so I’ve put a lot of work into having the streets full of AI traffic and pedestrians. As of now, NPC pedestrians will even have different personality types. Some will be criminals looking for their next target, some will be heat packing vigilantes, and others just innocent bystanders going about their day.

AI names, personalities, and clothing are procedurally assigned so every server will provide different experiences. I also plant to implement a lot of server control for in-game missions. But info on that will have to come later.

Streatlights, headlights, and interior and ambient lighting adjust accordingly to the time of day. I also plan for the nighttime to be more dangerous. Gangs and drug addicts will roam the streets. However, players can make a big score selling some less than legal commodities in the black market on the streets.

In conclusion, if you have any suggestions or ideas be sure to post on our Facebook Page. And come by tomorrow for more daily updates on game progress.