Broke Protocol is BACK (Latest Features)

All new Features are here! We had some great testing sessions in the past year. And we were taking notes. Tons of them! Finally, after 1 year of rebuilding, refining, and adding features, I’m proud to say… Broke Protocol is BACK. And it’s coming back strong.

Before and After

Broke Protocol Facelift

First of all, I want to make this game the best in multiplayer city roleplaying. I want the kind of interactions and features you don’t see in any other game. Of course, we’ll have heists, murders, and hit contracts. But I don’t just want this to be just an FPS. Really, I aim to satisfy all the communities that want a solid “Life” simulator. Also, I want all the features to feel smooth and native. But I couldn’t have come here without the support of some awesome online communities.

So to keep the interaction going, I will post daily updates on progress with the game. I want to see what features people love or hate. In addition, I want the community to have a hand in what direction to take the game.

Also, please check out our Screenshots for in-game action and features and be sure to like our Facebook Page so we can have a back-and-forth on news updates.

Now I present the featureset that’s in progress for the official release of the game.

Latest Features

  • Complete graphics overhaul with the latest shaders and optimizations
  • All new city to roam with differently styled districts
  • Updated AI with different personalities and reactions (criminals, police, innocent, etc.)
  • Local area voice chat
  • Your character auto saves on game disconnect/exit
  • Hundreds of new weapons and items to rob, trade, or buy
  • City is packed much denser with HUNDREDS of NPCs
  • New missions (Arrest Warrants, Hitman, and Battle Royale!)

Finally, there’s plenty more coming, so please bookmark, follow, like, subscribe or whatever. So I can continue to give updates and get feedback on the progress of the game.