Game Balancing, Actions, and Reactions


That’s how many lines of code I’m up to. Luckily, the hard low-lowel engine and networking code has mostly been finished. Now the focus is on gameplay and balancing which is.. kind of fun. A Dwarf Fortress, masochistic kind of FUN.

Game Balancing Act

In a typical first-person shooter, game balancing comes down to tweaking weapon parameters for different ranges and power, adjusting the speed, armor, and abilities of the different classes. In Broke Protocol, it is similar but I have to take into account all the potential actions in the open-world environment.

Balancing the Current Weapon Arsenal

Weapon Arsenal

For example: Players can commit crimes. Players can join the police. But what happens when the police commit a crime? Well, nothing in the real-world 🙂 But in this game I have to answer some hard questions.

This is an open-world roleplaying game first, and a shooter second. So I want in-game actions and interactions to have real risks, consequences, and rewards. And I hope I can have an open discussion with the playerbase as to how these action->reaction situations are handled.