Heavy Armor Update Coming to Steam

The Heavy Armor update adds many updates and fixes to AI, explosives, and physics. But the headline feature is a brand new Armored Car – The ultimate deterrent against thieves and gangsters.
Armor Lights
You can find a couple different models for purchase around the airport, in green and black variants. Just drop a cool $6000 for a set of keys, and you have a heavy duty set of wheels to play with.
Armor Fire
The Armored Car is built to withstand hits but is not invulnerable to weapons. Light arms will do little damage, so the recommended counter to is a well-placed Bazooka rocket or another Amored Car to take it out. Also, Explosives, rockets, and shells now include push back physics, so you might see ragdolls careening through the air with a perfect hit.
Armor Chase

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Linux Server

Heavy Armor Update Changelog

Added buyable Armored Cars at the hangar and airstrip
Vehicles have firing sounds and muzzle flashes
Ribbon particle effects added to projectiles
Explosions won’t hurt through walls anymore
Explosions have a push force
Accurate Explosion locations on client
Explosive power and range increased for grenades and rockets
Increased gun ranges to match view distance
Mesh fixes around overpass
Fixed waypoints near overpass
Added view constraints within vehicles
Armed vehicles will shoot vehicle weapons instead of personal weapon
Removed Fire Vehicle key
Reduced police spawn rate
Improved serverside object cleanup
Fixed animation corruption if loading game from Knocked Out state
Fixed empty furniture list after placing item in apartment
Reduced log spam from disconnects
Fixed linux quit on server hang
First-person ragdoll camera improvements
Zoom reset on camera change
Grenades are now illegal contraband
Taser Ammo and Meth can now be placed
Flashlight lightsource now correctly at the lens
Bulletholes and splatters are now hidden/culled correctly
Corrected wheel physics force application point
AI correctly track enemies within vehicles
Unity Engine Upgrade to 2017.3.0p2
Fixed flickering texture on PowerMainSmall building

Armor Parked