The Heavy Duty Update is Here – Humvees and Vans

Another quick release incoming! Thanks for the support on Gamejolt for those who donated – It’s allowed me to work around the clock on these fixes and upgrades and I’ll find a way to show my respect to you guys later. So this latest update features some big bug and memory leak fixes due to an unstable Unity release. But the best part is you get a couple new vehicles and other bonus goodies for free with this upgrade.

The Heavy Duty Hummer and Van Update

Work Van
Now you’re cruising in style… featuring a cool new 2-seater work van to attend to your daily murders. “Totally not a pedo van.” You might find these driven by AI or parked out in the Airport lot. They’re tough, reliable, and usually seen around school districts.
And if that’s not enough, you can now pick up an Armored Humvee (for the right price). These are heavy duty trucks that shows you mean business. They’re rugged, powerful, and look damn cool. And now that collisions do damage to other drivers, you just have to lose the hatchback, man. Have a look around the airport too!

Anyway, here’s the download and full changelog!

Download Here

Full Heavy Duty Update Changelog

Added vehicles: Work Van and Humvees (check police lot and airport)
Drivers may now be hurt in collisions
Stars now animated
Muzzle flashes tweaked
Beautified many particle effects
Fixed bearded ladies
Reverted Unity version due to engine memory leak
Fixed some minor mesh errors
AI will reset correctly after being jailed
Fixed AI getting stuck in reverse gear in vehicles
Fixed player vehicle disappearing if disconnecting
AI will Reset correctly if pathfinding to an unreachable target
Fixed being able to login twice with the same name
Fixed abandoned vehicles disappearing if the driver exits
Fixed unhandled disconnection bug if connecting to bad server
Fixed server reconnection to masterserver
Added Exit option to register window
Memory cleanup everywhere in the code

See you online!