Heavy Rain Hotfix Update Released

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain Hotfix

Nah, it’s not an update for THAT Heavy Rain… but this update does add dynamic weather effects along with balance tweaks and bugfixes. Also, gang members start out with only some melee weapons now – it was getting crazy with the shotgun deathmatching on the servers. As always, please leave feedback on our Facebook Page and My Twitter where I can get back to you!

If you make any YouTube videos, be sure to let me know!

Download Here

Full Changelog

Added dynamic rain/fog effects
Updated to latest Unity engine patch
Added cash rewards for turf war kills
Fixed loading a character save from an interior
Can now re-register using the same username/password to make a new character
Better handling of user saves on old versions
AI medics and firefighters are better at their job now
Gangs only have melee starting weapons now
Reduced AI accuracy
Increased morphine stock at hospital
Heavy pistols do slightly more damage
Fixed AI handcuffing glitch
Fixed case of ‘Localhost’ and Offline modes freezing the game
Memory efficient navmesh pathfinding implemented