Mobility Update – Motorcycles and More


The Mobility Update v0.93 is releasing on Steam today! This update brings a whole ton of back-end changes to allow for a mobile release soon. You can follow more news about this upcoming release on the Broke Protocol FB Page. But the key highlight this update is an all new vehicle class – Motorcycles!

Motorcycle Lean

Support for Motorcycles

The new motorcycle allows for weaving through traffic and air control for stunts. Plan for a quick getaway or practice on trick maps available soon on the Steam Workshop. You can pick one up off a willing (sometimes unwilling) citizen, or travel to the military base entrance for a free sample of 2-wheeled goodness. Many more types of bikes coming soon.

Water Physics

A lot of basic physics we’re updated for v0.93. Player movement is better around stairs, Vehicle suspensions are now more reflective of real world counterparts. And objects now float more accurately around their center of gravity without the crazy trampolining glitches from before.. Movement and animation bugs have also been fixed.

Guard Tower

The vanilla map and world editor now supports ladders and more. With the new climbable objects, expect more verticality as well as the ability to recreate your favorite maps from other popular shooters. Get the high ground around available guard towers, or the secret ladder behind the theater.

Missions Voting

A few more minigames have been added to the missions menu. These include fun Last Man Standing, Prison Brawl, and a headache inducing Drunken Prison Brawl. Win each game for cash rewards and cool points. Test your might. New UI changes like Vote menu updates fall in line with mobile compatibility. Also players can now hide the HUD with the “I” key for screenshots and gameplay footage.

Tons of other fixes and quality of life updates made it into this release. Check out the full changelog below and see you in-game!

Airplane Lights

Download Here

Linux Server and Tools

Mobility Update Patch Notes

  • Added drivable motorcycles (spawn near military base)
  • Added 3 new mission types (LMS, Prison Brawl, Drunken Prison Brawl)
  • Added usable ladder/climbable entity (Objects/World/Climbable)
  • Stair climbing improved
  • Reduced water trampoline effect
  • Added mobile input functionality
  • Vehicle view will reset forward if mouse not moved
  • Revamped voting system, now shows “No” votes
  • More reliable server hit confirmation
  • New real-time action menu
  • Added Hide Interface key (I)
  • Hercules interior lights added and retractable gear
  • Cleaner cross-platform input handling
  • Fixed some clothing armor values
  • Fixed jail door z-fighting
  • Removed unused fog option in forward-rendering
  • Added “hostName” server settings for manually binding IPs
  • Server substitutes defaults values if settings missing
  • Improved track-road crossing mesh
  • Map won’t render hidden interiors anymore
  • Objects float around center of mass now
  • Better vehicle center of mass calculations
  • Any vehicle damage given is considered Armed Assault now
  • Army truck mesh fixes
  • More reliable apartment cleanup and crash fix
  • Mouse sensitivity can have 2 decimal places now
  • Fixed many clothing hitboxes
  • Fixed clothing item previews in the world builder
  • Jailyard, Restricted, and Target areas don’t pass underground anymore
  • Fixed some road colliders to be more accurate
  • Fixed zombie players standing up after death
  • Update to latest Unity Engine patch