The Roleplaying 32-Bit Update is Here

Muzzle Flash

Download v0.622 Roleplaying Update Here

Hi again! This update features many changes to improve the roleplaying aspect of the game. No more free weapons at the airport! They have to be hard earned or stolen off the streets. Melee items and a usable chest can now be bought at the pawn shop for storage for your gang. Just a couple bombs behind the terminal now.

Players killing other innocents are reported in the kill feed. And now police can keep their job after being killed. They still have to find another gun/ammo though (this is to prevent item duping). Also ATM accounts are locked if you have criminal activity – preventing easy bank cash grabs.

Also, due to popular request, the game runs buttery smooth in 32-bit now!!

Full Roleplaying v0.622 Changelog

Remappable Use/Submit/Zoom keys
server_info, admin_list, and ban_list all updated in real-time (don’t need to restart server)
Cleaned up Action Menu code (Cancel is first option now)
Removed Weapons chest from airport
Chest can now be bought/used from the Pawn shop
Melee Items moved to Pawn shop
Medkits added to Pawn shop merchant
Added 3 bombs behind airport at icon
Now Players/NPCs don’t lose job if killed
Added kill messages for murdering innocents
Handcuffs removed when released from jail
Fixed occasional server disconnect & crash
Fixed sun/moon/stars distance
Reset vehicle steering on exiting
Smooth player movement (no more stuttering)
World time/environment update optimizations
Better sprint animation handling
ATM accounts locked if you have a wanted level
Ammo and Pawn shops now sell handcuffs
Interpolated physics movement (much smoother)
Reduced server memory usage (also -nographics option set in Server.bat)
More accurate ragdoll colliders
Fixed ragdolls falling through floors

Please tell the server admins to update their servers and see you online!