Vehicles Progress

Vehicles Work in Progress Preview

If you’re wondering what the future holds for Broke Protocol vehicles, then say no more. I wanted to compile the current models that just need a little more work to be drivable. […]

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Bazooka Testing Feedback

Alpha Feedback Weekend 1 Complete

Ok, so we had an awesome time playtesting over the weekend. Bazookas are definitely not the best drive-by weapon, I’ve learned. Also, I got excellent feed back from our group of testers. […]

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Multiplayer Alpha Testing

Testing is Live! Alpha as F***

Hey guys, we’re starting the limited testing period for this weekend! So get the alpha while you can since it won’t be available long. Just go to ‘Play Online’ and join the […]

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Jailbreak Beta

Beta Testing Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Beta Testing Update We start beta testing this Sunday EST! Also, links and further details will be posted on the Broke Protocol Facebook Page. Again we will be beta testing PvE, PvP, […]

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NavMesh and Testing 1.. 2..

Hi everyone! So I’m getting ready for testing and don’t have time to do a longer write-up. But, I just wanted to drop an image of some current NavMesh work for AI […]

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