Broke Protocol Brings City RP to Mobile – For Free

Mobile Motorcycle

Broke Protocol is the city RP game built from the ground up to support just about any type of roleplaying imaginable. Build a drug empire, follow a career path and deck out your living space, or bring justice to the city as law enforcement. And now it can all be done on mobile. For absolutely free. Free as in free beer (no ads or microtransactions).


Broke Protocol has come a long way since its official release in August 2017 on Steam. The World Editor, and Steam Workshop have been some of its biggest milestones. And this mobile release is the latest. Broke Protocol is available today on the Google Play Store – and is fully cross-play compatible with PC users. That’s right, everything you could do online on PC, you can now do with the free app. Driving, flying, voice chat, server browser. It’s all there.

Mobile Game Overview

Armor Chase

For those wanted to try their hand in law enforcement, join the police force or SpecOps team at their respective locations. Police officers can send criminals to jail for cash rewards and career points. SpecOps are dispatched for the city’s Most Wanted (3-star or higher criminals). They have a shoot-to-kill initiative to keep the city safe.

Breaking Bad

Entering the criminal underworld has a few more options, Join a gang and engage in a city-wide turf war. Rob pedestrians, banks, or steal military-grade hardware. Even grow your own variety of black market narcotics to be sold on the streets. Watch your wanted level however, as your crimes do linger in your criminal history for a while if you leave witnesses behind.


Players are also able to maintain their morals and live their lives as law-abiding citizens. Developing their persistent online character while building their wealth and participating in side-activities like deliveries, racing, shopping, or just hitting the café for some drinks. Staying alive in the chaotic city of crime is an accomplishment in itself.


Players can also build their own world with the in-game Map Editor. This allow players to run their own custom servers/worlds or to share their map on the Workshop on the PC edition. Soon there will be a public API for server-side scripting so large-scale plugins and mods are on the horizon and the future is filled with more milestones to come for Broke Protocol

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