Scripting API, SteamID, Custom UI, and More in 1.0

Editor Updates

The progress on Broke Protocol over the past few weeks has been encouraging. In fact, it’s enough to warrant bumping the major version to 1.0 on the next update. BP will still be in Early Access to sort out any teething problems but it looks like we can confirm the following for the next major release: an API Foundation for server scripting, SteamID authentication, and Custom web-based UI support. Big news indeed.

Scripting API Plan

Here’s the current project status related to the API and modding (more details here). The components here are all bulwark for an API foundation that will allow modders to create custom gamemodes and entirely new functionality. Edit world parameters including weather, time, and sky/sea/cloud colors. Create groups with varying permission levels. Render custom UI’s for clients using HTML & JavaScript. Even create map triggers to run code on players entering or exiting areas.

Event Handler

The centerpeice for the server API is the EventsHandler. Almost everything related to server scripting runs through here. Define your own custom functions and register on the handler with “EventsHandler.Add(…).” Now that Event can be invoked via callbacks on Players, Entities, Triggers, or even via custom UI inputs though JavaScript calls. Full examples will be provided for modders to build on.

Game Plan

In addition to the API Foundation, plenty of other base game changes are being made as well. SteamID Authentication is a long-requested feature that’s finally been implemented. No more fumbling with passwords or security risks with storing them – everything is connected to player SteamID now. This means more effective bans, and fewer multi-boxing exploits.

Save Format

A new player save system has been added too. The new format is cleaner and places all player saves into a single database instead of thousands of separate files. Some new serializers will make player data easier to read and manage. The database and player saves may also be leveraged by the server API for storing data for more persistent custom gamemodes or mods.

Coding Progress

Also coming in the 1.0 are a slew of fixes and convenience updates. First is a scrollable chat history for looking up old messages, Discord Rich Presence has been added for sharing current game status and server with friends, overlay support, and possibly invites. Admins will be treated to better server management in regards to roles, banning, whitelists, and admin settings. Bugfixes have been added too but be sure to use our new public Issue Tracker if you want to request anything be changed before release.

It Just Works

1.0 has been designed with the end-user in mind. And we want to make sure It Just Works on release so stay tuned for updates as we close in on an open beta. Track our progress in real-time on our new Trello Board and get involved on our Official Discord if you want your voice heard for updates to 1.0 and beyond.

Thanks for following along,