The Destructible Update – Hitting Steam Today

Broke Protocol is back with the Destructible update. This time around, Eden may look a bit different. That’s because signs, cans, lampposts and just about all other props which have been completely impervious before, can now be destroyed. No more measly trash cans bringing your police pursuit or epic tank chase to a halt.

Along with many bug fixes, new furniture items, and tweaks, you’ll notice much improved performance. Memory usage has been decreased and lots of tasks have been moved into multithreaded jobs so you’ll be using more of your cores for running things smoothly. This carries over to both the client and server so 100+ player games will be more than manageable. The mayhem that comes along with that on the other hand…


Check out the full changelog for details below, and see you in-game!

Download Here

Linux Server and Tools

Destructible Update Change Log

Destructible world objects and props
Update to Unity Engine 2018.2.1
Fewer server hitches due to optimized packet handling
Fixed zoom on food and drinks
Better scaled many tables and some remodeled chairs
Some interiors/furniture tweaked to fix item overlaps
Fixed AI stuck running or idling with weapon drawn
Fixed some AI jitter when walking
Fixed occasional vehicle audio missing
Crosshairs now have some transparency
Other players' bullets are synced more accurately
Fixed and optimized AI intersection/stop handling
Use multithreaded optimization for cloud and ocean updates
Some prop meshes with invisible bottoms fixed