Downtown Update Out on Steam Today

City Skyline
The Downtown Update is ready for release today! Your game will automatically update with all new objects, features, fixes, and a new weapon. The main highlight of this update is a whole set of new city objects, buildings, landmarks, and props to help your custom map stand out.
City Chinatown
Add famous landmarks or a large business district to your custom server. The default map has been updated with some objects but will see a fully-realized downtown area in the future. For now, support your community servers and map makers on our Discord here. Workshop integration is coming so prepare content and post on our #worldbuilder channel for a chance to get featured.
You’ll also find a brand new can opener at the gun shop. By can opener, I mean the world-famous SPAS-12 Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun. It has similar stats to the basic shotgun but sports a semi-automatic firing mode. This beast will leave a mark so make sure to use in areas where collateral damage is not an issue, or if you just don’t give a fuck what gets destroyed in the process.
Shotgun Kit
The new automatic shotgun kicks like mule and has spread like no other. So you want to get in close to make sure every hit counts. You’ll find it sold at the gunshop only, though there is a shelf item available if you want to ‘borrow’ it for a while. Use with caution.
Custom Interior
Finally, I wanted to thank the content creators and admins for their amazing contributions. Community servers like Project Gaming, BPRP, Suran.PL, and the Chile server have built awesome communities. Moderating an RP server is no small task, so thank admins for their hard work. And make sure you support their efforts into things like Server tools and custom maps. Workshop integration will hopefully give creators more recognition in our community.

For now, here’s the rest of the giant change log. Can’t wait to see what else the you can come up with.

Download Here

Linux Server and Tools

Downtown Update Patch Notes

Added farm props, objects, and items
New weapon added (SPAS-12)
Updated gunshop and merchant with new weapon
New city objects, buildings, landmarks, and props
New netcode powered by ENET (faster and more robust)
Fixed player orientation and hit registration problems
Increased server tick-rate by 60% for more accurate player syncing
Optimized graphics system for multi-threaded performance
Hide un-selected interiors in editor
Fixed'X' Button to nullify objects in editor
Fixed casting exceptions in the editor
Fixed AI getting stuck often due to new player physics
Correctly reset AI after they've been knocked out
Some new buildings added to Default map
Slight Default map waypoint tweaks to prevent stuck AI
Spawned AI without nearby waypoints/navmesh will be destroyed
Added map warnings for missing waypoint/door/inventory references
Fixed ocean animation and correctly sync across client/server
Updated VOIP library to latest release
More accurate server player count reporting
Slight flood chance increase
Reduced rain audio volume a bit
Fixed client map loading stuck after joining different servers
Improved server data throttling during initial map transfer
Clean up memory after map is loaded
Don't need to sync some server-side objects with client
Fixed duplicate items in furniture menu
Reduced boat/plane/helo stabilizer forces
Many road and prop mesh fixes and cleanup
Fixed police lights stuck not rotating
Fixed connection error handling
Tweaked packet throttling settings (crazy lag)
Fixed off-by-one error in apartment index calculation
Asynchronous client-side game loading
Added Exit button during loading
Update to latest Unity Engine release

City Landmarks