The Farmland Update – Major Release Incoming

The Broke Protocol Farmland Update hits Steam today! This update is the first in a series that aims to add huge packs of objects, props, items, vehicles and more. The goal is to provide map makers more pre-built stuff to work with to provide fresh new scenarios.
Over a hundred new map objects have been added to the World Builder – mostly focused on farmland and countryside elements. Get dirty with mud roads, farm equipment, and literal pig sties. Maps designed around these rural objects can offer a breath of fresh air for this mostly city-centered game.
Dead Farmer
In addition to the map objects, you’ll find new characters, vehicles, and clothing options around the game world. A couple new off-road capable vehicles have been added, as well as 2 new start-up characters: the Farmer and the Wrangler. These new starter characters allow you to don cowboy hats and rough work overalls. Topped off with a mean pair of mutton-chops.
Full Auto
Several other critical game engine updates have been added. Player movement is now fixed to prevent sliding around on hills and slopes. Also, aiming and stance now affect weapon recoil and accuracy. Crouch to reduce vertical recoil and aim down sights to improve first shot accuracy. You’ll notice aiming reduces movement speed to a walk as well and iron-sight jitter has been reduced. More work on gunplay in future patches.
World Editor Farm
Finally, big improvements to the editor with this updates. You can now search for any items you want. The search is case-insensitive and returns partial matches as well to make map creation that much more efficient. Also, a big memory leak that could often cause crashing has been fixed. So a much smoother environment for map building overall. More feedback is requested for future improvements.

Here’s the rest of the giant changelog. Get the updates, play, and share with friends!

Download Here

Linux Server and Tools

Farmland Update Patch Notes

Added farm props, objects, and items
2 new drivable off-road capable vehicles: Ute and Flatbed
2 new characters and clothing options: Farmer and Wrangler
Crouching now reduces vertical recoil when firing
Aiming improves accuracy and reduces movement speed
Reduced iron-sight jitter
Smooth destructible object movement
Tweaked aircraft and boat physics for stability
Fixed player physics to prevent sliding around on slopes
Added search bar to prefab browser
Fixed UI decimal inputs to work in all localisations
Fixed World Builder memory leak when loading folders
Fixed potential duplicate ID server crash
Optimized many higher-order functions out of code
Tuned max packet size for better compatibility
Saving player data works in apartments now
Enabled VSync by default to reduce CPU/GPU usage
Separated Airport Gangway Connector to allow different rotations
Small Default map tweaks at airport
Updated to latest Unity Engine patch


Thanks to Yeshy for Media.