Onto Kickstarter! Support BP for Rewards and Continued Updates

Firstly, thanks for the huge support on our Steam Greenlight Page. Over 600 Yes Votes in just 1 day was incredible. But we have to keep going before Valve pulls the plug on Steam Greenlight this season.

Now the game is marching on over to Kickstarter. Here you can sign up for exclusive rewards, cosmetic items, physical game boxes, and promotions before the game’s official launch later this year.

You’ll also support continued free updates, and open testing servers in the meantime so please support the game early on and notify any blogs, websites, or YouTubers to cover the game.

Big thanks and big plans for Broke Protocol. If you want to see this game developed and added to every week, please consider backing the game. I’ll then be able to quit teaching and work on the game full-time since it’s really my love and passion.

Support Broke Protocol on Kickstarter

All the Best