Special Forces Dispatched – the SpecOps Update

SpecOps Rifle
Here with quick update adding a much requested job to the current roster of occupations. Players can finally take up the position of elite SpecOps soldiers, previously only occupied by NPCs. These fearsome operatives are tasked with taking out some of the toughest criminals in Eden. Head over to the military base entrance gate and get the job from the sentry stationed there.
You’ll be kitted out with the latest in military gear, MARPAT uniforms, and automatic weaponry. You’ll also have full access to the military base but you’ll have to save up your assassination bounties for some of the expensive heavy-duty hardware available there.  These include APCs, trucks, and attack helicopters. Check your map (M) for the reported locations of the most wanted criminals in the city, team up with squadmates, and take out your targets with extreme prejudice.
SpecOps Team
Also some big changes to apartments – you now have furniture that provide inventory space within your apartment. Here you can stockpile weapons, drugs, and other loot secure from the plebs roaming the streets. This is the first step in making items and furniture more functional both in and outside of apartments.
Cabinet Inventories
Cabinets, desks, safes, and chests all provide a way to keep your most valuable belonging out of sight of nosy guests and uninvited law enforcement. Chests previously bought at the pawn shop have been moved into the furniture menu. Three apartments varieties are still available with more coming in future updates.
Busy Apartment
You’ll also find that public storage spaces in the cafes and shops are accessible too. But since these spaces are public, you may expect to lose some items to scavengers and thieves. So save up for a deluxe apartment with all the privacy you could ask for.

Trendy Apartment

Also included are crash fixes, AI fixes, and some very important hit registration and ammo count fixes for automatic weapons. You’ll feel the difference right away.

Now kit up and bring justice to the city in your new role as an crack SpecOps warrior.

Full change log below.

Download Here

Linux Server

SpecOps Update Change log

New SpecOps job available at the military base entrance
SpecOps now must chase and eliminate the server’s Most Wanted
SpecOps and Police now allowed to enter military base
Apartment cabinet furniture can now be used for storage
Chest item moved into Furniture options
Civilian AI will now flee if shots nearby
Entering bank basement will trigger a trespassing crime for civilians
Bandages/morphine works in vehicles now
Slighty higher chance for NPCs helping handcuffed players
Reduced chance of floods and slower weather cycles
Put a hard edge on beaches making it easier to properly climb up
NPCs filtered out from Player List menu
Chat and Player lists use colors according to job
Smaller chat size, longer input length, and allow rich text
AI will reset their behaviors correctly when despawned
Fixed crash if 2 apartment owners disconnect at the same time
Fixed floating canal pipe
Map legend moved left to prevent some overlapping
Chat input moved above minimap
Cleaner input handling
Fixed AI despawning when starting a chase while driving
Fixed bullet impacts floating in midair
Fixed server crash if trading with inactive AI
Upgrade to Unity 2018.1.2
Filter rich text from player chat
Some missing areas are navmeshed now
Fixed client server ammo desync causing accuracy and hit reg issues
Firehose stream is centered better

Screenshot Credits: Aku, Big Brother, DarkRoy, Kato Soto, and BP_RU_Community