Floods, Fires, Frying Pans – Job Ranks are Here

New Sheriff In Town
The next major update for Broke Protocol is finally releasing today. This marks the biggest change log since release and you’ll notice tweaks in just about every area. This upgrade started off as a minor patch, but ballooned with changes from weather to AI behaviors, job ranks, and uniforms.
Fighting Fire
First off are the fires that can now spread across the city. Any typical car fire can set them off, but a small blaze may sprawl into an inferno if not taken care of in due time. Luckily, this update also features new item upgrades for the all of the various jobs. An important one being the new fire hose. Useful for taming those flames from a distance.
Fire Hose
Also, keep an eye on the weather. If you see a storm getting heavier, you may want to reach higher ground. There might be an incoming flood. These floods can put out fires but may cause more destruction in its wake. So take care, make use of the new swimming ability and be prepared to take care of any looting opportunities soon after.
All jobs have been fitted with various ranks and reward tiers. Completing job duties will grant experience points and ranks you can track in the stats box in the bottom right of the HUD. Ranking up will gift players with new equipment, licenses, and enhanced uniforms as well as a pay scale multiplier for doing their job.
Delivery Driver Uniform
You’ll find new uniforms and item upgrades for each of the jobs. Paramedics ranking up to Doctors, Police ranking up to sheriffs, and Taxi drivers ranking up to chauffeurs.
On the flip side, take care to not commit any crimes. Each offense will hurt your ranking, with the chance to finally lose your job. No more omnipotent police rampages anymore. You are now held accountable for your actions.

You’ll also see more balancing fixes, optimizations, and bug fixes which should give smoother framerates, lower lag, and a better playing experience. NPCs will now try to help you if you’ve been wrongly detained, and players can no longer cheat by suiciding when handcuffed. Also, frying pan.
Start climbing that company ladder, and see you on the streets.

Full change log below.

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Linux Server

Job Ranks Update Change log

Added job ranks system with payment and equipment upgrades
Added fire hose and uniform upgrades on firefighter rank 3
Added sheriff uniform upgrades on police rank 3
Police only receive a gun and license at Rank 2
Added taxi/delivery driver upgrades on rank 3
Added paramedic/doctor upgrades on rank 3
Paramedics have bandages for single use and morphine for unlimited healing
Added construction worker player and clothing options
Job punishment with demotion when committing crimes outside your duty
Gang members rank up with better weapons
Some Special Forces use M4’s
Fires can now spread
Added flooding based on weather conditions
Adding fry pan melee weapon (might take some searching)
AI will sometimes free innocent handcuffed players
Players can’t suicide when handcuffed now
Server IP can now be assigned via settings.txt
Players no longer take damage from water (though vehicles still do)
Added swim animations and fixed Jesus effect
Remove extra job items on death to prevent duping
Player have better air control again (improved stair handling)
Fixed server/client water level desync (fixes random boat deaths)
Road mesh fixes and optimized colliders
Game start time is now randomized
Correctly cleanup apartments on disconnect
Fixed criminal NPCs robbing beards from people
Criminal chance of robbing items reduced
Soldiers and merchants now behave correctly when jailed
More reliable ragdoll handling
Optimized AI pathfinding
Objects far out of world bounds will be reset
Fixed drug and main menu camera/audio effects
Coroutine optimizations to reduce stutter
More server authoritive control for modding support
Packet handling optimizations
Return to original orientation after ragdolling
Stop ragdolls moving around the map
Some volume balancing
Car repair toolkit now works correctly
Weather cycles last longer and higher chance for rain now
Lower visibility during bad weather

Speading Fires