Speedy Progress with the Speed Dial Update

Broke Protocol is back with another update in less than a week! Some back-end engine updates and rewrites over the past few months allowed a quick turnaround for this release. Again the focus stays on role-playing aspects – the Speed Dial update now featuring usable cell phones 🙂
Window Shopping
To get a new cell phone, first you need a couple hundred bucks. This can be earned by doing some of the starter jobs added in the previous update, or by other more illicit means. Whatever way you collect your cash, you then want to head toward the Electronics shop marked on your map.
Electronics Shop Map
As always, you want to use the “Shop” option with the merchant. Unless you want to take on a more hands on approach. Find the phone that suits your style and walk out with a new gadget in your inventory.
Electronics Shop
Equip your new toy and hit fire to open up your Contact List. For this first release, it will only contain some services, and only call out your position to live players (not AI).
But in the future, you can be sure to expect private text and calls with other players on the server and AI responses to calls as well.
Use your phone responsibly and it can help you get a much needed food delivery, police back up, medical assistance, or a ride to wherever you need to go. Good luck and stay tuned for more updates soon! Full change-log below.

Download Here

Linux Server

Speed Dial Update Changelog

Added usable Smartphones for calling Services (more features later)
New items and better lighting at Electronics shop
Cash registers can now be stolen and sold at the pawn shop
Empty cars left on roads cleared automatically for traffic
Increased some melee item ranges
Reduced Taser ammo price and increased supply to police
Inventory menus now shows which items are equipable
Car explosions do damage again
Better inventory cleanup handling
Fixed AI pathfinding crash
Fixed mesh error on house
Updated to Unity Engine 2017.3.1p4