Sneaky Beaky Update has (Silently) Arrived

The latest v0.76 Sneaky Beaky Update is here with another quick release. The main feature this time being the first silenced weapon in the game – the MP5SD. You can only find this weapon in the gunshop marked on your map – so head to your local town hall and get your gun license today.
Gun Range
The stats for this weapon places it somewhere between the Mac-10 and the assault rifles. Doesn’t have as much punch as the ARs but its light recoil and high accuracy make up for it. Take it to the range for some practice.
Target Practice
This will be the primary weapon of the SWAT job when that arrives – if you want to join the discussion about future jobs, ideas, and suggestions, please join our Discord channel.
Also featured in this update is a reworked inventory menu. Items are now displayed in an easy to navigate grid. Tooltips will give more detail when hovering over the buttons.
Shop Menu
And the new Equipment menu more clearly shows what keys are bound to. This allows for quick understanding at a glance – but I do plan many more UI upgrades to make the game easier to handle for new and old players alike.
Equipment Menu
Others changes include a reworked Electronics Shop interior, AI tweaks, as well as crash, animation, and camera fixes
Full change-log below.

Download Here

Linux Server

Sneaky Beaky Update Changelog

Added first silenced weapon – MP5SD
Reworked inventory menus to a grid system
Key binds now shown on Equipment Menu
Reworked electronics shop interior
AI can now free itself from handcuffs after a couple minutes
Improved 3rd person camera distance/focus
Mac-10 damage and recoil slightly increased
Mac-10 texture uses light gray now
Map markers forced upright
Reset animation parameters on respawn
Username field is now blank by default
Server crash fixes