#1 Rank on Greenlight and Firefighter Update News

Fire Station
Boom! So it’s been an exciting week for Broke Protocol. We’ve hit the #1 rank on the Greenlight charts and also, the new firefighter update is coming soon. This will come with new items, a fire truck, station interiors, and more.
With this new job, players will be able to extinguish fires left by cars for some bonus money. And AI firefighters will try to help as well. Also, a system for calling emergency services to locations (via phone) will be available in future updates 🙂
Car Fire

Greenlight Rank #1

In other news, we now hold the #1 Rank on Our Greenlight Page! Thanks to your support, we gained over 9000 Yes Votes for the game in 3 weeks of being featured. Thanks for the awesome show of support and keep those votes coming!
Greenlight Rank 1
The feedback on Greenlight has inspired me to work even harder to make this one of the most unique experiences you can find on PC. So thanks again, and check back for the update and more news soon!