Broke Protocol Enters Early Access!

With over 250,000 downloads, millions of YouTube views, and over 10,000 ‘Yes’ votes on Steam Greenlight, Broke Protocol begins Early Access on GameJolt today. We’re lucky to be the first offical city life RPG built from the ground up on its own engine. The genre has taken off in a huge way due to mods for big titles like ARMA, GTA, and Garry’s Mod. But building this game natively gives us numerous advantages in flexibility and performance. Over 200 concurrent players, hundreds of NPCs, items, and vehicles, all at 60fps should be no problem.

Broke Protocol Features

Alpha testing was an astounding success with exceptional media coverage, user feedback, and community building. Don’t forget to visit our main community hubs: a newly redesigned Subreddit and log into our Official Discord Channel where you’ll almost always find the dev active. And to thank the amazing community so, this Early Access period will be FREE for everyone! So be sure to visit our GameJolt Page and get your copy today.

Bazooka Testing Feedback

The last few updates have seen the focus shift to enable more roleplaying opportunities. Cylinder Studios has now pushed updates to Police, Paramedics, and in this latest update: Firefighters. Demolished vehicles now leave a burning inferno that has to be taken care of by the city’s loyal Fire Department.

To get started, follow the red station icon on the map, enter the building, and sign up with the boss to get your helmet, and gear. Hop into your trusty firetruck and look out for player callouts and red icons on the minimap. When you get to the scene of the fire, make sure bystanders are a safe distance away, look out for any burning cars that may.. detonate, and extinguish the fire as quickly as possible. You may need to call in paramedics to assist those who’ve succumbed to the inferno.

Now without further ado…

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Full Early Access 0.64 Changelog

Added Fires after car explosions
Added Firefighter job, uniform, station interior, extinguisher, and fire truck
No longer lose your job equipment on death
No more floating briefcases
AI Firefighters will attempt to extinguish Fires
AI will now jump to unstuck themselves
Admins can now arrest, teleport to, and remove player jobs
Moved drug dealer to the suburbs
Fixed some texture UVs
Updated to latest Unity Engine 5.6.1p2
Upgraded wearables (armor) is lost on death
Merchants cannot be incriminated and robbed by police for their items
Ragdolls (dead and knocked out players) are now synced across network
AI drivers will try to stop if players in the way
Reduced explosion damage and radius
Fixed vehicle quick despawning bugs
Fixed slow vehicle physics bugs
Fixed vehicle suspensions and friction
AI now take into account their weapon range
Fixed Action menu bugged out after placing drug seeds
Fixed Action menu stuck after death
Cleaned up damaged shop model and UV mapping
Fixed AI getting out of handcuffs after Hands Up state
Fixed Mesh Renderer references and errors on the server
Fixed AI trying to attack/arrest itself
Can now ban servers from the master
More reliable Server pings
Static fonts now used for performance/missing font fixes
Fixed stuck sprint animation in car
Minor building clipping bugs fixed
Game message show when out of date
Cleaned up Entity Action Menu code
Optimized SendToAll game packets
Fixed ragdolls re-animating and standing up when you’re not looking ;p

The Future…

Now that a bunch of civilian jobs have been implemented – the core gameplay will receive some attention. Look out for gangs, territories, and housing updates. More news on that soon 🙂