Greenlit! And Gang/Territories Update News

Huge thanks to everyone who took part in our awesome Greenlight campaign. I’m happy to say that after an amazing turnout, we got Greenlit in the final batch after reaching the top of the Greenlight charts! It’s pushed me to work harder and harder on the game in order to make one of the most complete and engaging RP experiences ever. And with a lot of hard work behind me, I can show off some new update progress on gangs and territories for the next update 🙂


Gangs and Territories Update Progress

I’ve made good headway on gangs and territories for the next update. There will be 3 gangs to choose from, each with different starting loadouts and gang colors. You can sign up by looking for the contract icons on the map. The goal as a gang member is to take out the other gangs, and take over their territories. You get bonuses for territory captures and a recurring salary based on how many territories your gang controls.

You’ll see AI gangsters battling it out, and you may choose to engage or not. Taking out 3 enemy gangsters will initiate a turf war on that territory. The whole server will be notified, and waves of AI defenders must be defeated in order to capture the area. Later you’ll be able to recruit NPC gang members to follow you based on your reputation – taking inspiration from San Andreas and the like.

The best part is that this update is just a few days away so keep a lookout!