Military Base Update – The Biggest Upgrade Yet

Base Entrance
Broke Protocol has just dropped the biggest update since release. The highlight of this update is the all new military base. So grab your gear and check it out. Look for the entrance gate around the North-East where the bank used to be.
All the heavy duty equipment like APCs, RPGs, Apaches, and Bombs have been moved here in order to increase the difficulty in acquiring heavy hitting hardware.
The base is guarded with new security forces equipped with combat armor and automatic weapons.
Special Forces
Go in through the front, guns blazing, or find other ways to take down these armored NPCs. Make sure to loot any special gear off them becuase you won’t find it anywhere else.
In addition to the defended gate, you may also access the base via boat around the back, or fly into the airstrip. Be aware, the security forces don’t take kindly to unwelcome visitors so be prepared and bring backup.
Base Sunset
This update also added a new activity to the jailyard. Earn money by getting basketball shots in the hoop – or use the ball to knock down the guard and get a change at stealing the prison key.
And you’ll also find a few new characters and vehicles around the city – take a look and see what new stuff you can find 🙂
New Airport Vehicles

In addition to many new features, there’s been a bunch of stability, lag, and bug fixes in addition to optimization which should see much improved nighttime performance.

Full change-log below.

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Linux Server

Military Base Update Changelog

Added restricted military base area
Entering base commits a new crime (Trespassing)
Added Special Forces NPC security forces
Added Combat uniforms, gear, and backpack
Moved APCs, Apaches, Bazookas, and Bombs to military base
Added 3 new vehicles: Stairway Truck, Luggage Tractor, and Army Truck
Added 6 new characters and clothing items
Bank moved near center of the map
Police and Special Forces issued gun licenses by default
Collecting an object now equips it
Correctly hide thrown entities from hand
Basketball replacing football in the jailyard
Collect money for longer basketball shots
Made capturing territories a bit easier
Reorganized airport layout
Backpacks now double carrying capacity
All physical objects now have floating properties
Optimized lighting systems for improved night performance
Servers can have long server_info message again
Fixed client crash on server join
Fixed servers running out of resources with dead clients
Fixed player reset position forcing view upright during lag
Fixed duplicate meshes on highway ramp
Police cars can now follow into the airport
Fixed Prison escape crime while in a vehicle
Moved map legend to right side
Several mesh pivot fixes
Fixed massive lag due to a little packet loss
Fixed floating buoys
Fixed see through areas at airport
Special forces will drive Army trucks
Reduced number of police in station
Fixed crash when loading from a dead player save
Fixed coroutine cannot be started server spam
Fixed Battle Royale circle placement and counter messages
Fixed medics not reviving players if they are handcuffed
Thrown objects doing damage will assign a crime to its owner
Check before trying to enter a deactivated vehicle
Fixed missing Apache particle effects and rockets
Tweaked throwable physics (can now bounce)
Rockets and grenades now do damage more reliably
Added more drinks to Delivery Driver items